15+ science project ideas working models for class 12

Creating working models for Class 12 science can be a fascinating way to understand and apply various scientific principles.

Here are 15 ideas spanning physics, chemistry, and biology:


  • Simple Electric Motor:
    • Demonstrate how electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy.
  • Magnetic Levitation:
    • Create a model to show how magnetic fields can be used to levitate an object.
  • Hydraulic Lift:
    • Illustrate Pascal’s Law and the principles of hydraulics.
  • Solar Cooker:
    • Show the conversion of solar energy into thermal energy.
  • Wind Turbine:
    • Build a working model of a wind turbine to demonstrate how wind energy is converted into electrical energy.
  • DC Generator:
    • Show the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy using Faraday’s Law.
  • Water Rocket:
    • Show Newton’s third law of motion by launching a water rocket.
  • Periscope:
    • Demonstrate the principles of reflection and optics.



  • Photosynthesis:
    • Demonstrate the process of photosynthesis using a model and light source.
  • Human Respiratory System:
    • Create a working model to show the mechanics of breathing.
  • Water Purification:
    • Show various methods of water purification and their effectiveness.
  • Heart Pump Model:
    • Create a model to demonstrate how the human heart pumps blood.
  • Neuron Model:
    • Demonstrate the structure and function of a neuron using a model.
  • Digestive System:
    • Create a working model to illustrate the process of digestion in humans.


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