15+ science working models for Class 11

Here are 15+ working models for Class 11 science, covering key concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology

  • Newton’s Cradle:
    • Illustrate the conservation of momentum and energy through a series of swinging spheres.
  • Hydraulic Jack:
    • Illustrate Pascal’s principle and the workings of a hydraulic system.
  • Thermocouple:
    • Create a device to demonstrate the conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy.
  • Windmill:
    • Show how wind energy is converted into mechanical energy.
  • Inclined Plane:
    • Demonstrate mechanical advantage and the principles of work and energy.
  • Electromagnet:
    • Create a model to illustrate the principles of electromagnetism.
  • Chemical Volcano:
    • Demonstrate an exothermic reaction using baking soda and vinegar to simulate a volcanic eruption.
  • Molecular Models:
    • Construct 3D models of molecules to show different types of chemical bonds and molecular geometry.
  • Model of a Cell:
    • Create a 3D model of a plant or animal cell to show its components and their functions.
  • Photosynthesis Demonstration:
    • Use a plant and light source to show oxygen production during photosynthesis.
  • Human Skeleton Model:
    • Build a model of the human skeleton to study its structure and function.
  • Heart Model:
    • Create a model to demonstrate the structure and function of the human heart.
  • Food Chain Model:
    • Create a model to illustrate the relationships between different organisms in a food chain.
  • Water Cycle Model:
    • Demonstrate the stages of the water cycle using a terrarium or a simple set-up with containers and heat.


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