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Creating a wind and solar energy working model for a science exhibition using paper, cardboard, a DC motor for the wind turbine, and a 9V battery for lighting the house can be a fun and educational project.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build your model:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Paper
  3. DC motor
  4. Paper Wings (for wind turbine)
  5. Solar cell or solar panel
  6. LED lights or small bulb
  7. 9V battery
  8. Connecting wires
  9. Wooden sticks or dowels
  10. Hot glue gun or craft glue
  11. Craft knife or scissors

Video Instructions of Making of Wind Turbine & Solar Powered House:

1. Wind Turbine:

a. Cut out three blades from paper & cardboard.

b. Attach the blades to the DC motor. Make sure they are evenly spaced for balance.

c. Connect the DC motor to the 9V battery using wires.

2. Solar Panel:

a. Cut a piece of cardboard for the base of the solar panel.

b. Attach the solar cell or panel to the cardboard using glue.

c. Connect the solar panel to the 9V battery using wires.

3. House Model:

a. Create a simple house model using cardboard. You can cut out walls, a roof, and windows.

b. Attach LED lights or a small bulb inside the house to represent lighting.

4. Assembling the Model:

a. Attach the wind turbine to one side of the base and the solar panel to the other side.

b. Make sure the blades of the wind turbine can freely rotate when the fan is blowing.

c. Position the house in the center of the base.

5. Wiring:

a. Connect the DC motor from the wind turbine and the solar panel to the 9V battery.

b. Ensure that when the wind turbine is spinning or the solar panel is exposed to light, the LED lights in the house light up.

6. Testing:

a. Test your model by exposing the solar panel to light or using a fan to simulate wind.

b. Observe how the wind turbine and solar panel generate energy to light up the house.

7. Display:

a. Set up your model on a sturdy display board.

b. Add labels and information about how wind and solar energy work.

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