How to make DIY water rocket making at home easily


In this topic, we are going to show you how to make the best water bottle rocket with launcher at home for your DIY science project or exhibitions.

This homemade water rocket science experiment that can fly is done using materials like waste water bottles, air pump easily available at home at low cost.

water rocket diy

Overview of Water rocket

Simple Water Rocket Working Model helps the students to learn the basics of forces and the response of a vehicle to external forces.

It is subjected to four forces in flight namely weight, lift and drag, thrust and aerodynamic forces.

A water rocket is a type of model rocket which uses water as its reaction mass

here water is forced out by a pressurized gas which is typically compressed air.

Types of rockets

  • Compressed

  • Water
  • Model
  • Full
    scale rocket

How to make a water rocket launcher for a school project at home step by step?

Water rocket mainly consists of two parts the launcher and rocket.

First take an empty water bottle. Take a cap whose size should be enough to fit inside the neck of water bottle.

Next take a scissor and make a small hole at the center of the cap. Fit the cycle air pressure controller in the central hole of the cap.

The air pressure controller should be fitted in such a way that the thin rubber is on the inside part of the cap while the screw of it should be outside the cap.

Next fill the water bottle with sufficient amount of water, and turn in upside down.

We will observe that water will not flow out of the bottle. Fill in the water bottle; connect one end of the air pressure controller to the cycle pump and pump in the air.

The pump is used to pressurize the inside of the bottle to provide thrust for the rocket.

Before launching, the water bottle is filled with a sufficient amount of water which acts as “propellant” for the launch.

When the rocket is connected to the cycle tube it becomes a closed pressure vessel.

Now pressure inside the body of water bottle equals pressure produced by the air pump.

We will observe that bobbles will start to come into the water as we continue to pump in the air and finally the bottle will fly into the air like a rocket!!!

In this video, we will show steps by step video instructions on how to build a water rocket model at home easy way.

Materials Used to make water rocket

Materials used in this video are show below to build water rocket model at home by taking help of your parents.

  • Water
  • Cap
  • Cycle
    tier air pressure controller

  • Cycle
    air pump
  • Scissor

Questions & Answers on Water Rocket

1. What happens during the flight of a water rocket?

Air will be pumped into water bottle to pressurize it and thrust will be generated when water is expelled from rocket through nozzle located at the bottom of the bottle.

2. Who invented the water rocket?

Joanes de Fontana invented water rocket.

3. What forces act on a water rocket?

Thrust from water which leaves the water bottle acts in the direction of the rocket motion whereas force from air acts opposite to direction of rockets motion while gravity acts down.

4. Will a bottle rocket fly without water?

Yes, however air escapes very quickly so the force doesn’t last long.


Water rocket model helps students to learn various parts of the rocket, their functions and as well as how to make it with easily available materials at home.

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