25 science project ideas (working models ) without using battery

Certainly! Here are 25 science working model ideas that do not require a battery:


Solar Cooker : Build a simple solar oven using a pizza box, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and black construction paper to cook food using solar energy.

Wind Turbine: Create a model of a wind turbine using materials like cardboard, plastic bottles, and a small motor to demonstrate how wind energy can be converted to mechanical energy.

Water Wheel: Construct a water wheel using a plastic bottle, cardboard, and dowels to show how water can be used to generate mechanical energy.

Solar Water Heater: Build a solar water heater using black-painted plastic pipes, a water container, and sunlight to heat water.

Hydraulic Lift: Create a hydraulic lift using syringes and tubing to show how hydraulic pressure can lift objects.

Periscope: Make a periscope using cardboard tubes and mirrors to demonstrate the principles of light reflection.

Pulley System: Construct a simple pulley system using string and pulleys to illustrate mechanical advantage.

Magnetic Levitation: Demonstrate magnetic levitation using magnets and a lightweight object like a pencil or small car.

Rain Gauge: Build a rain gauge using a clear container and a ruler to measure rainfall.

Model Volcano: Create a model volcano using baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap to demonstrate chemical reactions.

Seed Germination: Set up a seed germination experiment using different types of seeds and observe their growth in various conditions.

Electromagnet: Construct an electromagnet using a nail, wire, and a battery (if allowed for a momentary demonstration) to show how electric current creates a magnetic field.

Stethoscope: Build a simple stethoscope using a funnel, tubing, and a balloon to listen to heartbeats.

Water Filtration System: Create a water filtration system using layers of sand, gravel, and activated charcoal to demonstrate water purification.

Centrifugal Force: Illustrate centrifugal force with a simple spinning device.

Simple Machine: Construct a model demonstrating the six simple machines (lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw).

Erosion Model: Show how erosion works using sand, water, and a tilted surface.

Balloon Static Electricity: Demonstrate static electricity with a balloon and small paper pieces.

Model Lung: Create a model lung with balloons and a plastic bottle to show how we breathe.

Rainwater Harvesting: Build a model to show how rainwater can be collected and used.

Inclined Plane: Show how inclined planes reduce the effort needed to lift objects.


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