Plant Cell 3D Model for Science Exhibition

plant cell model

Introduction: The plant cells are called as eukaryotic cells that are present in the green plants. Plant cells are very different from the animal cell structure. The plant cells have many categories which forms the root, leaves, stem. They also have reproductive structures which many other types of cells within them. The crucial process that … Read more

Insect Forest Model Project for school exhibition

insect school model

Introduction: Insects are small animals with legs and most of them have antenna along with wings. They are most diverse and important for the environment and the animal habitat. Insects play a crucial role in the forests as pollinators, decomposers and food sources for other organisms. These are called as forest insects that either help … Read more

Balloon Rocket Science Experiment for Exhibition

balloon rocket science project

Introduction: A rocket is a spacecraft that receives thrust from a rocket engine. The theory behind working of a rocket is action and reaction. This process pushes the rocket by expelling its exhausting the opposite direction. The main components of rocket are propellent, propellent tank and nozzle. Sometimes, a single rocket has more than one … Read more

Herons Fountain Model for school science exhibition

heron's water fountain model

Introduction: Herons fountain model is named after the physicist and mathematician Heron of Alexandria. It is a hydraulic machine is a steam engine that emphasizes on the study of pressure of air and steam. There are many variations of this model that are studied today which explains the theory of hydraulics and pneumatics. Herons fountain … Read more

Waterfall Model for School Project

waterfall school model

Introduction: The waterfall is an area where water from the river flows vertically. They represent abrupt interruptions in the flow of the river. Waterfalls are of various sizes big and small. There is some process that goes behind the formation of waterfalls depending on the rock type. Rivers usually clear off the irregularities through the … Read more


water pump using bottle and balloon

Introduction: Air pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure is the weight of the molecules pressing on the surface of the earth. It is measured in barometric units.  Barometers have a chemical called mercury within them. This chemical helps to read the atmospheric pressure in a room, or in an enclosed place. It is also the … Read more

Water Heater using GI wire – School Science Experiment

diy water heater with gi wire

Introduction: Water that comes into our taps from the tank is usually cold because it is groundwater. During cold weather conditions, it becomes difficult to use the normal water running through the tap. That’s when hot water requirement comes into the picture. This need has been satisfied by the invention of water heaters. Water heater … Read more

Hibiscus Flower Parts – Science Exhibition

hibiscus flower parts

Introduction: Hibiscus is a flowering plant that growing under tropical and sub-tropical weather conditions. There are nearly hundreds of species of the plant. The hibiscus tree can grow up to 20-30 feet but the flowers are 4 inch wide. They have a beautiful structure and can grow up to 4inch length. Hibiscus flowers are sometimes … Read more

Windmill Turbine Working Model – Science Model for School exhibition

diy windmill working model

Introduction: Windmill turbine generally called as wind turbine is a machine that is used to convert energy in the wind into electricity. The windmill turbine has blades that rotate for a certain number of revolutions depending on the technology. They rotate at a constant or variable velocity according to the velocity of wind in order … Read more

Swachh Bharat School Project Model

Swachh Bharat – School Project Model

Introduction: Swachh Bharat mission also known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a campaign in India that has been started by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The time that has been set for this campaign is 2014 – 2019 as a mission to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of India’s towns, cities and rural areas. … Read more

Street Lights and Traffic Lights School Model Project

Street Lights and Traffic Lights Model for School Project

Introduction: Traffic signals and street lights are very crucial to the safety of the pedestrians and vehicles. For this to be done successfully, it is very important that the traffic signals and lights are functional and efficient all the time. Street lights can be used to ensure safety in the urban areas by making sure … Read more

Lungs Working Model with Balloons – School Science project

lungs working model

Introduction: The respiratory system includes nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. Lungs are the pair of organs that look like air filled balloons located on either side of the chest. Lungs are responsible for pumping the oxygen into the blood through the process of respiration. In this process, air is breathed through the mouth, … Read more

Water Pollution Model For School project – Science Exhibition (Best out of waste)

water pollution model - school exhibition project

Introduction: Water pollution is defined as the contamination of the sources of water due to various pollutants, human activities. Water pollution is serious health hazard that threatens the human life because it is the most important source of functioning in the human body. The sources of water that get effected due to water pollution are … Read more

Photosynthesis Model Project for school science exhibition

photosynthesis project model for school exhibition

Introduction Imagine humans and animals stay alive through food and water. Similarly, plants also need food and water to stay alive. This process where the plants survive is called as photosynthesis. Plants breathe carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into the air. They also use the sunlight and water to carry out … Read more

Greenhouse effect School Project Model For Science Exhibition

green house effect science school model

Introduction The greenhouse effect is the process in which the gases in the atmosphere of the earth trap the heat from the sunlight and release more heat and radiation on to the earth. The important greenhouse gases are: Thus increasing the temperatures on the earth. In simple terms, it is the process that warms up … Read more