Desert Model School Project

desert school model - diy - school exhibition project

Introduction: A desert is a barren land where there is no or very less precipitation and thus making it difficult for life existence. Deserts are formed by due to large variations in the temperatures that puts strain on the rocks. We rarely see rains in the desert landscape, but if there is a rainfall it … Read more

Drip Irrigation System Working Model for Science Exhibition

drip irrigation system model for school science exhibition

Introduction: In this topic, we show a working model of drip irrigation system for science exhibition using materials that are easily available. Drip irrigation is one of the best solutions that have been developed to save water. This is a micro irrigation system where the water is allowed to drip slowly to the roots of … Read more

how to make Heart Model For Science Exhibition

heart model for science exhibition

Introduction: In this topic, we show a model of heart for school science exhibition. We use very simple materials that are easily available. The human heart is the organ in the body that pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. It provides the body with necessary nutrients for its proper functioning. The … Read more

how to make kidney Working Model for School Science Exhibition Project

kidney working model for school science exhibition

Introduction: In this topic, we show a working model of the kidney using simple materials for school science exhibition. Kidneys are a very important organ in humans. It has a bean-shaped organ and located just below the rib cage, on each side of the spine. Each kidney is the size of a fist. Kidneys remove … Read more

Butterfly Life Cycle Model for School Exhibition

butterfly life cycle model for school science exhibition

Introduction: Butterflies are day-flying insects that also belong to the class of moths from which they evolve. A butterfly starting from the stage of larvae grows into adult through different stages. There are mainly four stages. Each stage is different and has a different goal. The life cycle process that the butterfly goes through is … Read more

Drone Making for School Science Project

make drone at home easily for school science project

Introduction: Drone is also called as unmanned aerial vehicle. It is a part of unmanned aerial system and an aircraft without human pilot aboard. UAV or drone run completely on human remote control or by onboard computers. The main components of the aerial system are the aerial vehicle and ground base controller. The communication between … Read more

Newton Disc Working Model for School Science Exhibition Project

newton disk working model

Introduction: Newton disc was invented by the great scientist Isaac Newton. This experiment basically consists of 7 colors in a single disc. These colors are rainbow colors. When the disc is rotated, the colors fade into a white color. Thus, in simple terms, Newton mentioned that the white light is a combination of the seven … Read more

Life Cycle of a Cockroach Model for School science exhibition

cockroach cycle of life

Introduction: Cockroaches before they develop completely go through three stages. The life cycle of the cockroach spans six months to one year to complete. Usually, the female cockroach lays 20-40 eggs. The mother cockroach carries her eggs in a sac called as ootheca. Most of the cockroaches are oviparous. It means that the eggs are … Read more

Solar Powered House Model for School exhibition project

solar powered house - diy

Introduction: Solar powered house is a simple process of converting sunlight into electricity. This process is done using concentrated photovoltaics either directly or indirectly. Solar-powered house are a good example of the application of solar energy. The main components of the solar-powered house is solar panels, a solar thermal system, solar walls to preheat the … Read more

Animal Cell 3D Model for School Science Project

animal cell model

Introduction: Cells in any living body play very crucial role in proper functioning of the body. Animals cells have nucleus which are membrane bound. The animal cells are called as eukaryotic cells where the DNA of the animals is inside the nucleus. Apart from this, the nucleus also has tiny structures that perform necessary cellular … Read more

How to make Plant Cell 3D Model for Science Exhibition

plant cell model

Introduction: The plant cells are called as eukaryotic cells that are present in the green plants. Plant cells are very different from the animal cell structure. The plant cells have many categories which forms the root, leaves, stem. They also have reproductive structures which many other types of cells within them. The crucial process that … Read more

Insect Forest Model Project for school exhibition

insect school model

Introduction: Insects are small animals with legs and most of them have antenna along with wings. They are most diverse and important for the environment and the animal habitat. Insects play a crucial role in the forests as pollinators, decomposers and food sources for other organisms. These are called as forest insects that either help … Read more

Balloon Rocket Science Experiment for Exhibition

balloon rocket science project

Introduction: A rocket is a spacecraft that receives thrust from a rocket engine. The theory behind working of a rocket is action and reaction. This process pushes the rocket by expelling its exhausting the opposite direction. The main components of rocket are propellent, propellent tank and nozzle. Sometimes, a single rocket has more than one … Read more

Herons Fountain Model for school science exhibition

heron's water fountain model

Introduction: Herons fountain model is named after the physicist and mathematician Heron of Alexandria. It is a hydraulic machine is a steam engine that emphasizes on the study of pressure of air and steam. There are many variations of this model that are studied today which explains the theory of hydraulics and pneumatics. Herons fountain … Read more

Waterfall Model for School Project

waterfall school model

Introduction: The waterfall is an area where water from the river flows vertically. They represent abrupt interruptions in the flow of the river. Waterfalls are of various sizes big and small. There is some process that goes behind the formation of waterfalls depending on the rock type. Rivers usually clear off the irregularities through the … Read more