how to make kidney Working Model for School Science Exhibition Project


In this topic, we show a working model of the kidney using simple materials for school science exhibition.

Kidneys are a very important organ in humans. It has a bean-shaped organ and located just below the rib cage, on each side of the spine.

Each kidney is the size of a fist. Kidneys remove wastes and extra fluid from the body by filtering half a cup of blood every minute.

The kidneys are the part of the urinary system, the main parts of the kidney are renal cortex, renal medulla, and renal pelvis.

The kidneys are surrounded by thick fibrous tissue, which is surrounded by perirenal fat, renal fascia, and pararenal fat.

The kidneys work to ensure an adequate amount of plasma to keep the blood flowing in the body.

Nephrons are an important part of each kidney, they take blood, metabolize nutrients and help pass out waste from the filtered blood.

Each kidney has about 1 million nephrons.

kidney working model for school science exhibition

Materials Used:

  1. Card board
  2. Pencil
  3. Straw Pipes
  4. Color Papers
  5. Scissors
  6. Liquid Glue
  7. Paints and brushes
  8. Hot glue gun

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Video Show How To Make Kidney Working Model for School Science Exhibition Project

Prepare for Science Fair Questions & Answers – Kidney Working Model

  1. What are the main functions of kidneys?

       A. The main function of the kidneys is to send back the filtered blood to the heart, maintaining overall fluid balance in the body, regulating and filtering minerals from the blood, filtering waste materials from food and creating hormones to produce red blood cells.

       2. What are the 3 layers of the kidney?

       A. The three layers of the kidney are, i) renal cortex, that contains glomerulus and convoluted tubules that protects the inner structure of the kidneys. Ii) Renal Medulla, that contains loop of Henle or renal pyramids which allows fluids into the kidneys. Iii) Renal pelvis, that acts as a pathway to the fluid flow to the urinary bladder.

       3. What are the parts of urinary system?

       A. The main parts of the urinary system are kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters and urethra.

      4. What is the role of kidneys in blood flow in the body?

      A. The kidneys receive the blood for filtration from the renal arteries. Each renal artery branches into many segmental arteries. After filtration occurs, the blood moves through a network of interlobular veins.


It is a known fact that the kidneys are the most important of the human body for its proper functioning. Its major function is to remove waste products and excess fluid from the body.

The excess or the waste is removed by the kidneys in the form of urine. Apart from removing the waste it also produces hormones that would affect the function of other organs.

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