Making of Heart working model or blood pumping project model for school science exhibition using the best out of waste


In this topic, we are going to show you how to make a heart-pumping working model project ideas for your science project or exhibitions using the bottle and balloon

Heart explanation

heart pump model

The heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood using blood vessels that provides oxygen and nutrients to body and helps in the removal of metabolic wastes.

The heart is located between the lungs in human beings. It is divided into four chambers namely: lower left and right ventricles and upper right and right atria.

The right heart consists of right atrium and ventricle and left counterparts are called a left heart.

Blood flows one way through the heart due to the presence of heart valves which are used to prevent backflow.

The heart is encapsulated in a sac named pericardium which contains a small amount of fluid. The heart wall is made up of three layers namely epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium.

Pacemaking cells help in pumping blood from the heart. The heart receives low oxygen blood due to the systemic circulation. It then gets pumped into pulmonary circulation through the lungs where it gets oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide.

Oxygenated blood then returns to systemic circulation where oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide.

Resting heart beats at a pace of 72 beats per minute and it gets temporarily gets increased during exercise however resting heartbeat is good for a healthier heart.

How to make An Heart working model Step by Step Video

In this video, we will show you the following steps and items that can be used to build a heart working model at home by taking help freely from your parents.

Materials Used to make Heart working model

  • Glass bottle
  • Color Straws
  • Balloon
  • Color 0paint
  • Water
  • Transparent Tape
  • Pin
  • Scissor to Cut

Prepare for Science Fair Questions & Answers – Heart Pumping Working Model

  1. What the heart does and how it works?
    The heart is like a pump where the right side of it receives blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs. Blood helps the body with oxygen and other nutrients.
  2. What are the main functions of the heart?
    Circulation of blood throughout the body is the main function of the heart. It is capable of separating oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Used blood from the body is sent to different chambers of the heart from where it is sent to the lungs for oxygenated.
  3. How do I keep my heart healthy?
    We can keep our heart healthy by being active, eat healthy, stay at a healthy weight, quit smoking, Control cholesterol, and blood pressure and finally manage stress.
  4. Are all human hearts the same size?
    No, kid’s heart size is almost the size of fist whereas adult heart size is about the same size of two fists.
  5. How long can a human heart live?
    On average people can only live for 115 years.


The heart is a very important part of the human body as it pumps blood around the body delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells and removing waste products. Make sure to visit the doctor on an only a regular basis for check up’s to ensure healthy working heart.

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