Drip Irrigation System Working Model for Science Exhibition


In this topic, we show a working model of drip irrigation system for science exhibition using materials that are easily available.

Drip irrigation is one of the best solutions that have been developed to save water.

This is a micro irrigation system where the water is allowed to drip slowly to the roots of the plants.

The water can be supplied either from the above of the surface of the soil or buried below the surface.

The main goal of drip irrigation is to provide water directly to the roots rather than been poured on to the soil where it evaporates up to a certain extent.

There are many types of drip irrigation that have been developed after its success.

With the use of proper equipment, drip irrigation can also be implemented in our households.

drip irrigation system model for school science exhibition

Materials Used to Make Drip Irrigation School model

  1. Empty coconut shells
  2. Straws
  3. Soil
  4. Plants
  5. Empty cups
  6. Empty container
  7. Water
  8. Hot glue gun
  9. Water
  10. Scissors

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Video Show How To Make Drip Irrigation System Making Working Model for School Science Project

Prepare for Science Fair Questions & Answers – Drip Irrigation School Model

  1. What is drip irrigation system?
  • The drip irrigation system is an alternative way to save water and nutrients that are provided to the plantations without getting wasted.
  • In this process, the water is allowed to drip so that it reached directly to the roots, otherwise, most of the times the water poured in directly gets wasted in evaporation.
  • What are the important elements of a drip irrigation system?

        A.  The main components of the drip irrigation system are pump, water filter, backwash controller, pressure control valve, distribution lines, hydraulic control valves and emitting devices at plants.

  • What are the uses of drip irrigation system?

A. There are many advantages of the drip irrigation system, they are, fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimised, water is used efficiently, field levelling is not necessary, soil erosion is lessened, foliage remains dry that reduces the risk of disease and weed growth is very less.

4. What are the disadvantages of drip irrigation system?

A. Drip irrigation system once installed runs for a very long time, thus it has high installation cost. There are also few maintenance issues since the material majorly used is plastic.

So, the maintenance costs are high sometimes. Also, the degrading plastic affects the soil content and food crops.


Drip irrigation system is the most valuable innovation in agriculture. The micro spray heads used in the drip irrigation are the best replacement for dripping emitters.

This is becoming popular for row crop irrigation where water supply is limited. Thus, drip irrigation is considered to be the best solution in case of water scarcity.

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