10 Best Working Models for School Science Exhibition or Science Fair

In this post, I am writing about 10 best working models which you can find here to use in your school fair projects anywhere from class 1 to class 10 students

1.Kidney Working Model

kidney working model for school science exhibition

In this kidney working model, you will learn about how the kidney works, what are the components of the kidney and so on.

We have created a detailed step by step video instructions to build the kidney working model for you to develop for your school science exhibition.

2.Lungs Working Model

lungs working model

In this lung working model, a student, you learn about how the lungs work with the simple concept which can be developed using the materials available at homes such as bottle, balloons and straw pipes.

We have recorded the video on how to make the lungs working model using the materials available at home which are completely made up of waste materials

3.Earthquake detector alarm 


In this earthquake detector working model, we implement very basic concepts to develop the earthquake detector alarm. All materials used in this working model are best out of waste materials available at home

We have detailed step by step video on how to make this earthquake detector alarm using the complete waste materials at home

4.Electrolysis Working Model

pencil electrolysis science project

In this electrolysis working model, you will learn the concept of electrolysis and how the electricity can transfer in the pencil.

To learn the complete details of electrolysis we have recorded the step by step video on Electrolysis working model that give you a complete insight on this science project

5.Newton Disc Working Model 

newton disk working model

In this working model, you will understand the concept of newtons theory, how the white color is formed with all the 7 colors.

To showcase how these 7 colors wheel or disc when we rotate it forms the white color and what are the steps involved in developing this newton disk working model is given in the video instructions

6.Electromagnet working model


In this working model, you will learn how the magnet is formed in the normal metal when the electricity flow with a 9v battery.

When the copper wire is fixed the metal and electricity is passed into it, the metal becomes a magnet.

The whole concept and process of electromagnet working model have been video recorded for your help.

7.HOVERCRAFT Working Model

hovercraft school science project

Hovercraft is a specialized vehicle that can be used on land, water, mud, ice and on other surfaces as well.

To simulate the similar kind of model for your science project using the CD and balloon, whole instructions to make the hovercraft is provided in this website

8.Drone Working Model

make drone at home easily for school science project

The drone is also called an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is a part of the unmanned aerial system and an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.

UAV or drone runs completely on the human remote control or by onboard computers.

To develop the Drone model for your science project in easy steps we have made the video how you can implement this project just sitting at home

9.Solar Powered House Model

solar powered house - diy

In the solar-powered working model, we have showcased how you can adopt the solar panels at home to generate the electricity completely free.

Solar and Lunar eclipse 3D working model


In this model, we are showing how to build a solar and lunar eclipse working model for your science project or exhibitions.

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