30+ Science fair Plant Biology project ideas

Plants give the oxygen for us to breath and it also provides flowers, fruits, & vegetables to eat.

In plant biology, we do study how plants grow and survive in different environments situations.


To help the science students to prepare for the plant biology projects, I have listed the best plant biology science project ideas which you can choose it for the exhibition

Source : http://cssf.usc.edu

  1. How Salt Affects Plant Growth?
  2. How Used coffee grounds can be used as Soil to Save Environment?
  3. Replacing the chemical fertilizers with Fish Wastes?
  4. Bean Plant Growth – Heat Effects
  5. Germination of Seeds – Sound Effects
  6. Plant Growth & PH of Water
  7. Hydroponics V/s Soil – Plant Growth impacts
  8. Plant Growth – Artificial V/s Natural Light
  9. Coffee – Spinach Growth
  10. Cow Manure V/s the Growth of Plants
  11. Water Availability Vs Plant Health
  12. Aquaponics vs. Soil Farming – Plant Growth
  13. Filtered Water and Plant Growth
  14. Increase of CO2 V/s Plant Growth
  15. Vitamin D Affect Root Plant Growth?
  16. Microplastics V/s Plants Growth
  17. Gravity v/s Plants Root Growth
  18. Day/Night Cycle v/s Growth of Plants
  19. Climatic Changes V/s Plant Growth
  20. Magnetic Effects v/s Plant Germination and Growth
  21. Are Vitamins Plant Friendly?
  22. Effects of Electricity on Seed Germination and Plant Growth
  23. Dog Urine, and Its Effect on Your Plant Growth?
  24. Organic Vs. Chemical Fertilisers v/s plant growth
  25. Acid Rain V/s Aquatic Plant Growth
  26. Plants Growth V/S Greywater?
  27. Color of Light V/S Plant Growth
  28. How Spacing Affects Tree Growth
  29. Soil V/S Vegetable oil V/s plant Growth
  30. Different Liquids v/s Plant Growth

I am hoping this list is useful to take the project for your science fair

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