Top 10 Best Still Models for School Science Exhibition

In this post, I have listed the best still science models for the school project exhibition. These models can be used in primary and higher primary school students for their science exhibition.

1.Acid Rain Model

acid rain model

In this model, it has been clearly depicted, how the acid rain forms, different sources due to which acid rain happens such due to factory air pollution and vehicular pollution.

How you can build the acid rain model in a step by step instruction manner in easy steps by following this article

2.Air Pollution Model

air pollution model

In this science model, clearly depict how air pollution happens from factories, cars.

You can build this model by referring to the air pollution model in a step by step instructions by waste materials available at home

3.Water Cycle Model

water cycle model

In this school science water cycle model, you are learning and building the water cycle model on how water evaporates, then forms the clouds and rain back to the environment again. Complete step by step instruction to make the water cycle model is available

4.Solar System Model


In this science model, we have depicted how the solar system model looks and where all the planets are located in the cardboard in the simplest manner for the students to build on their own at home

5. Photosynthesis Model

photosynthesis project model for school exhibition

In this science model, we have depicted, how the overall photosynthesis works, how it utilizes the sun to make the energy in the plants. The complete photosynthesis model instruction is to build is available on the website

6.Global Warming Model

global warming model for school science exhibition model

In this model, we show you how to make the global warming model, how global warming happens, what are the impacts of global warming. Also, we show you how to build the global warming model step by step video instructions

7.Water Sources Model

water sources model

In this model, we show you what are the sources of water such as bore-wells, ponds, rivers. How the rainfall happens etc. The detailed step by step video on the sources of water model is available on this website which you can make use of it for the science exhibition

8.Oxygen Cycle Model

the oxygen cycle model for school exhibition project

In this science model, we have completely depicted how the air generates from the plants, how plants take co2 and leave the oxygen for animals and human beings the whole cycle is explained. We have provided a detailed video on how to make the oxygen cycle model step by step

9.Nitrogen Cycle Model


In this science model, we have depicted how nitrogen is being formed in the environment. In this video, we show you how o make the nitrogen cycle model step by step instructions.

10.Water Pollution Model

water pollution model - school exhibition project

In this science model, we have depicted how the water is polluted in environments such as waste from flats, houses, factories, animal cleaning, etc. We have also shown how to make the water pollution model video step by step instructions.

I am hoping this complete list is useful for you to identify the science exhibition models for your school projects.

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