how to make photosynthesis Model Project for school science exhibition


Imagine humans and animals stay alive through food and water. Similarly, plants also need food and water to stay alive. This process where the plants survive is called as photosynthesis.

Plants breathe carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into the air. They also use the sunlight and water to carry out this whole process of photosynthesis. All put together, plants create food for themselves to live.

In this video, we make a simple and easy photosynthesis model displaying the process through the use of very simple materials that are available at your home for kids. In case there is a lot of scissors usage, you may take help of your parents too.

Materials Used:

  1. Glue gun
  2. Liquid glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Chart sheet
  5. Card board
  6. Thick sheets – 2, A4 size
  7. Paints and brush to colour
  8. Colour paper (for sun)

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at reasonable cost.

Detailed Video Show How To Make Photosynthesis Model Project for school

Questions and Answers:

  1. What is photosynthesis in simple terms?

A. Photosynthesis in general is made up of two words photo and synthesis. Photo means the light it gets from the sun and synthesis means processing or putting together for use. Thus, it means plants use sunlight to put together the carbon dioxide and water to work and act as its food.

       2) What is chlorophyll and its use?

        A. Chlorophyll is the green element present in the plants that store the light and energy that the plants get from the sunlight. It uses the store energy to split the molecules of water and release carbon dioxide.

       3) What are the key 3 elements that plants need to make food?

        A. The three basic things that plants need to live are carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.

       4) What does photosynthesis produce?

        A. Photosynthesis produce food and oxygen that is important for humans and animals to survive on this earth. Thus, it seems like a dependent cycle of nature to man and man to nature.


 It is very important to protect and grow plants and trees on earth so that human and animals’ life exist on earth with the help of oxygen released from the plants. So, plant a tree whenever and where ever possible thus protecting the environment as whole.

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