Life Cycle of a Cockroach Model for School science exhibition

cockroach cycle of life

Introduction: Cockroaches before they develop completely go through three stages. The life cycle of the cockroach spans six months to one year to complete. Usually, the female cockroach lays 20-40 eggs. The mother cockroach carries her eggs in a sac called as ootheca. Most of the cockroaches are oviparous. It means that the eggs are … Read more

how to make herons Fountain Model for school science exhibition

heron's water fountain model

Introduction: Herons fountain model is named after the physicist and mathematician Heron of Alexandria. It is a hydraulic machine is a steam engine that emphasizes on the study of pressure of air and steam. There are many variations of this model that are studied today which explains the theory of hydraulics and pneumatics. Herons fountain … Read more

How to make Oxygen Cycle Project Model For School Science Exhibition

the oxygen cycle model for school exhibition project

Introduction: Oxygen cycle is defined as the circulation in various forms through nature. Oxygen cycle is always interconnected with carbon cycle. The oxygen cycle has four main reservoirs atmosphere, inner crust of the earth, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The critical factor that runs the oxygen cycle is the process of photosynthesis, which leads to the earth’s … Read more

how to make deforestation model for school science exhibition

deforestation model - school project exhibition

Introduction: The cutting down or removal of trees in a forest area or trees, in general, is referred to as deforestation. This results in major environmental problems, one of them been the greenhouse effect. It is very important to create awareness to stop this and encourage reforestation. Forests cover 30 percent of the earth’s area … Read more

how to make Park Model for School Project Model

Introduction: Parks are the most crucial part of the city planning and important for the development of a healthy environment to the public. Parks are not considered to be a great recreational place for kids and elders but also great for the environment like improved air quality, improve water quality and protect ground water. When … Read more

how to make photosynthesis Model Project for school science exhibition

photosynthesis project model for school exhibition

Introduction Imagine humans and animals stay alive through food and water. Similarly, plants also need food and water to stay alive. This process where the plants survive is called as photosynthesis. Plants breathe carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into the air. They also use the sunlight and water to carry out … Read more

how to make Water Sources Model – Science Project for School Students

water sources model

Introduction Water is the most vital natural resource for life to exist on earth. The main sources of water are ground water, surface water and rain water. Ground water is the water found underground below the soil or in the soil itself. Examples of ground water include wells and bore wells. Ground water contributes to … Read more