how to make hydraulic crane school science project from cardboard – diy

In this post we show you how to make the hydraulic crane school science project from cardboard – diy – robotic simple and easy using cardboard and syringe

Creating a hydraulic crane working model using 4 syringes to lift a car is a great way to understand the principles of hydraulics and mechanical advantage. Here’s how you can build this model:

hydraulic crane school science project from cardboard - diy
hydraulic crane school science project from cardboard – diy

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Cardboard or sturdy base
  2. 4 syringes (large size works best)
  3. Chopsticks or wooden sticks (to create the crane structure)
  4. Plastic or PVC pipe (for hydraulic connections)
  5. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  6. Craft knife or scissors
  7. Small toy car (for lifting)
  8. Craft supplies for decoration (markers, stickers, etc.)

Step by Step Guide To make the Hydraulic Crane at home easily

  1. Prepare the Base:
    • Use a sturdy piece of cardboard as the base for your model.
  2. Create the Crane Structure:
    • Use chopsticks or wooden sticks to construct the crane arm and support structure.
    • Attach the crane structure to the base using hot glue.
  3. Attach the Syringes:
    • Attach the four syringes to the crane structure, positioning them at the end of the arm.
    • Ensure the syringes are oriented in the same direction and secured with hot glue.
  4. Connect the Syringes with Pipe:
    • Use plastic or PVC pipe to connect the syringes in a series.
    • Attach the pipe to the openings of the syringes using hot glue or other suitable adhesive.
  5. Lift Mechanism:
    • Insert the plunger end of each syringe into a separate chopstick.
    • Attach the other end of the chopsticks to a common point, such as a small platform.
  6. Model Interaction:
    • Gently push the plunger of one syringe to see how the other syringes also extend, creating a lifting mechanism.
  7. Attach the Car:
    • Place a small toy car on the platform attached to the chopsticks.
    • Push the plunger of one syringe to see the car being lifted.
  8. Decoration:
    • Decorate the crane structure, base, and car with craft supplies to make it visually appealing.

This hydraulic crane model demonstrates how the principles of hydraulic pressure can be used to lift heavy objects. It’s an interactive way to learn about mechanics and fluid dynamics while having fun building and experimenting with the model.

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