how to make electromagnetic crane working model science project

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Creating an electromagnetic crane working model using cardboard and copper wire with a battery is an exciting and educational project that demonstrates the principles of electromagnetism.

In this model, you’ll build a small crane that can pick up lightweight magnetic objects using an electromagnet.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the model:

Materials you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Copper wire (enameled or insulated)
  • 9V battery or AA/AAA batteries with battery holder
  • Battery snap connector or terminal connector
  • Iron or steel nails (small and magnetic)
  • Hot glue gun or adhesive putty
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Small plastic cup or container
  • Optional: Small pulley system (can be made from cardboard and string)

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Design the base:
    • Cut a large piece of cardboard to serve as the base of your electromagnetic crane model.
  2. Create the crane arm:
    • Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard and fold it to form an “L” shape. This will serve as the crane arm.
  3. Attach the crane arm:
    • Glue the crane arm to the base, leaving one end extending over the edge of the base to act as the crane’s lifting arm.
  4. Prepare the electromagnet:
    • Wrap the copper wire tightly around the plastic cup or container several times. Leave two ends of the wire extending out from the coil.
  5. Attach the electromagnet:
    • Glue or tape the electromagnet to the end of the crane arm. The two ends of the copper wire should be easily accessible for connecting to the battery.
  6. Connect the battery:
    • Attach the battery to the two ends of the copper wire from the electromagnet using wires and connectors. Polarity matters; ensure the battery is correctly connected to create the magnetic field.
  7. Test the electromagnet:
    • When the battery is connected, the electromagnet will be energized, creating a magnetic field. You can test the magnet’s strength by seeing if it attracts small iron or steel nails.
  8. Add a pulley system (optional):
    • To enhance the crane’s functionality, you can create a small pulley system using cardboard and string. This will allow you to lift and lower the crane arm more smoothly.
  9. Test the crane:
    • Place small iron or steel nails near the electromagnet. When the magnet is powered, the crane should be able to pick up the nails and move them around.

This model demonstrates how an electromagnet can be used to create a magnetic field, allowing the crane to pick up magnetic objects.

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Step by Step Video Guide on Electromagnetic crane working model

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