Inspire Award Project Synopsis: Rainwater Harvesting for Sustainable Agriculture

rainwater harvesting model

Introduction: The rainwater harvesting project focuses on implementing a sustainable solution to address water scarcity in agricultural practices. By designing a rainwater harvesting system integrated with drip irrigation, we aim to showcase an innovative approach that conserves water, enhances crop yield, and promotes eco-friendly farming practices. Project Objectives: Methodology: Results and Impact: Innovation and Creativity: … Read more

Solar powered drip irrigation system working model using solar panel and dc motor, plastic trays and paper cups, plants

Introduction A solar-powered drip irrigation system is an innovative and sustainable solution for efficient agricultural water management. It utilizes solar energy to power water pumps and automate the delivery of water to plants through a network of drip irrigation tubes or pipes. A solar-powered drip irrigation system is a smart and eco-friendly way to address … Read more

Solar-Powered Sprinkler Irrigation System Working Model

Introduction: In this project, we will create a working model of a solar-powered sprinkler irrigation system using a solar panel, DC motor, plastic tray, soil, and plants. This model will demonstrate how renewable energy from the sun can be harnessed to automatically water plants through a sprinkler system. Materials Needed: Step-by-Step Explanation: Demonstrating the Sprinkler … Read more

50 eco friendly project ideas for school exhibition

eco friendly house - solar panel and windmill energy working working model

In this post I have given you the list of 50 eco-friendly project ideas suitable for a school exhibition: Solar-Powered Charger: Create a portable charger that uses solar energy to charge electronic devices. Upcycled Fashion: Design and showcase clothing or accessories made from upcycled materials. Waste Sorting Game: Develop an interactive game that teaches players … Read more

50 science projects on space

Here are 50 science project ideas related to space and astronomy: Model Solar System: Create a scale model of the solar system with accurate distances and sizes of planets. Telescope Comparison: Compare the performance of different types of telescopes for observing celestial objects. Lunar Crater Formation: Investigate the formation of impact craters by dropping objects … Read more

10 environmental concerns science project for exhibition

Designing a science project that addresses environmental concerns is an excellent way to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices. Here are 10 environmental concerns that you can explore for your science project exhibition: Air Quality and Pollution: Investigate air pollutants in your area, their sources, and their effects on health and the environment. Create a … Read more

science exhibition/fair questions on drip irrigation working model project

solar drip irrigation working model making - diy

Below are some science exhibition questions related to a drip irrigation working model: What is the principle behind drip irrigation, and how does it differ from traditional irrigation methods? The principle behind drip irrigation is to deliver water directly to the root zone of plants in a slow and precise manner, minimizing water wastage and … Read more

drip irrigation system working model science project for science exhibition

In this post we will demonstrate on how to build the drip irrigation system working model science project for science exhibition The drip irrigation system operates by supplying water from the water source through the main supply line. The water is then regulated for pressure and filtered to remove any impurities. From the main supply … Read more

chandrayaan model (rocket launch for school science exhibition

Chandrayaan is the name of India’s lunar exploration program, which includes various missions to study the Moon. The most prominent missions under the Chandrayaan program are Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2. Chandrayaan-2’s objective was to study the lunar surface, analyze minerals, look for water molecules, and map the Moon’s topology. The mission aimed to expand India’s knowledge … Read more

geostationary satellite working model for science exhibition with explanation

geostationary satellite explanation A geostationary satellite is a type of artificial satellite that orbits the Earth at the same rate and direction as the Earth’s rotation. A geostationary satellite is a type of satellite that orbits the Earth at the same rotational speed as the Earth itself, making it appear stationary relative to a fixed … Read more

renewable and non-renewable energy working models

Renewable and non-renewable energy are two fundamental categories of energy sources based on their ability to be naturally replenished over time. They play a crucial role in meeting the world’s energy demands and have different implications for sustainability and environmental impact. Let’s explore each type: Renewable Energy: Renewable energy sources are derived from natural processes … Read more

lighthouse model making using paper and cardboard

A lighthouse is a tall structure designed to emit light and provide a visual aid to navigation for ships at sea or inland waterways. These iconic buildings have played a crucial role in maritime history by guiding sailors and helping them avoid dangerous coastlines and hazards, especially during stormy or foggy weather. Lighthouses are typically … Read more

sustainable development science project model making for science exhibition

A sustainable development city, often referred to as a “sustainable city” or “eco-city,” is a city that prioritizes environmental, social, and economic sustainability in its planning, policies, and practices. The goal of a sustainable development city is to create a livable, resilient, and harmonious urban environment that meets the needs of its current inhabitants without … Read more

water cycle model making for science project exhibition – simple and easy


water cycle model making for science project exhibition – simple and easy | DIY pandit #watercycle #modelmaking #scienceproject #scienceexhibition #sciencefair #diypandit Step by Step Video Guide on water cycle model making for science project exhibition – simple and easy