how to make working model to save Earth for science exhibition with explanation

Creating a working model to save Earth using a big ball as the Earth’s core and incorporating elements like deforestation, dustbins, and a factory model using cardboard and color paper is a fantastic idea.

Here’s how you can make it:

Materials Needed:

  • A large ball (to represent the Earth)
  • Cardboard
  • Color paper (various colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Toy trees (optional)
  • Small plastic or cardboard boxes (for dustbins and factory)

Step by Step Video Instructions:

working model to save Earth for science exhibition
  1. Prepare the Earth Model:
    • Use a large ball as the Earth’s core. You can use a foam ball or even a beach ball for this purpose.
    • Cut out a piece of green color paper in the shape of continents and oceans and glue them onto the ball to represent Earth’s surface.
  2. Deforestation Model:
    • Cut out several small tree shapes from green color paper.
    • Stick these trees onto small pieces of cardboard to make them stand.
    • Arrange these trees around the Earth model to represent forests.
    • Cut out some tree-less patches from brown color paper to represent deforested areas.
    • Scatter these deforested patches around the model, indicating the effects of deforestation on Earth’s environment.
  3. Dustbins Model:
    • Create miniature dustbins using small plastic or cardboard boxes.
    • Cover these boxes with color paper: green for general waste, blue for recyclable waste, yellow for organic waste, and red for hazardous waste.
    • Label each dustbin accordingly.
    • Place the dustbins strategically around the Earth model to represent proper waste management.
  4. Factory Model:
    • Use cardboard to create a small factory model.
    • Cut out pieces to represent the building structure, chimneys, and other components of a factory.
    • Cover these pieces with gray color paper to represent the factory’s structure.
    • Draw or cut out small flames from orange and red color paper to represent smoke coming out of the chimneys.
    • Glue these flames onto the top of the chimneys.
    • Place the factory model near the Earth, indicating its impact on the environment.
  5. Additional Details:
    • You can add other elements like toy cars to represent pollution from transportation or small figures to represent people.
    • Use markers to write messages or labels on the model to educate viewers about the importance of saving Earth.
  6. Display:
    • Once you have assembled all the components, arrange them on a large board or table for display.
    • Optionally, you can use blue color paper or fabric to represent the sky and green fabric or paper to represent the ground.

This working model effectively demonstrates the impact of human activities on the Earth’s environment and the importance of environmental conservation. It’s an excellent educational tool for science fairs or school projects.

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