how to make solid waste management working model for a science exhibition

Creating a solid waste management working model for a science exhibition involves showcasing the process of recycling waste and generating electricity from waste materials.

Here’s how you can create this working model using simple materials:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cardboard (for factory structures, trucks, and dustbins)
  2. Plastic bottles and caps (for factory chimneys)
  3. Aluminum foil (for factory roofs)
  4. Small LED lights (for lighting inside factories)
  5. Colorful paper or paint (for decoration)
  6. Glue or adhesive
  7. Scissors
  8. Markers
  9. Toy trucks or small wheels (for waste collection trucks)
  10. Plastic or metal containers (for waste bins)
  11. Plastic tubing (for conveyor belt)
  12. Batteries or power source (for LED lights and motors)

Step by Step Video Instructions:

waste management working model (recycling / generate electricity – energy from waste ) | howtofunda
  1. Prepare the Factory Structures:
    • Use cardboard to create the structures of two factories: one for recycling and one for generating electricity.
    • Make rectangular boxes for the factories, leaving one side open for viewing.
    • Use aluminum foil for the roofs of the factories to resemble metal roofing.
    • Decorate the factories with colorful paper or paint to make them visually appealing.
  2. Create Dustbins and Trucks:
    • Cut out rectangular pieces of cardboard to create dustbins. Decorate them with labels indicating the type of waste (e.g., plastic, paper, glass).
    • Use toy trucks or small wheels attached to cardboard pieces to create waste collection trucks. Decorate them with labels or drawings of waste materials.
  3. Set Up the Recycling Factory:
  4. Set Up the Electricity Generation Factory:
  5. Connect the Factories:
    • This represents the flow of waste materials from recycling to electricity generation.
  6. Demonstrate and Explain:

Use the model to explain the process of solid waste management, from waste collection to recycling and energy generation.

Discuss the importance of recycling and waste-to-energy technologies in reducing environmental pollution and conserving resources.

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