Hibiscus Flower Parts – Science Exhibition

hibiscus flower parts

Introduction: Hibiscus is a flowering plant that growing under tropical and sub-tropical weather conditions. There are nearly hundreds of species of the plant. The hibiscus tree can grow up to 20-30 feet but the flowers are 4 inch wide. They have a beautiful structure and can grow up to 4inch length. Hibiscus flowers are sometimes … Read more



Introduction: A zoo is a place where animals are kept in a safe and protected habitat for the purpose of observation and experience of common man. The term zoo refers to zoological garden. The word zoology was derived from the Greek word, ‘zoion’ meaning animal and ‘logia’ which means study. The animals present at zoos … Read more

Water Pollution Model For School project – Science Exhibition (Best out of waste)

water pollution model - school exhibition project

Introduction: Water pollution is defined as the contamination of the sources of water due to various pollutants, human activities. Water pollution is serious health hazard that threatens the human life because it is the most important source of functioning in the human body. The sources of water that get effected due to water pollution are … Read more

Greenhouse effect School Project Model For Science Exhibition

green house effect science school model

Introduction The greenhouse effect is the process in which the gases in the atmosphere of the earth trap the heat from the sunlight and release more heat and radiation on to the earth. The important greenhouse gases are: Thus increasing the temperatures on the earth. In simple terms, it is the process that warms up … Read more

Noise(sound) pollution project model for school exhibition or science fair

noise pollution model

Introduction Noise is measured in Db (decibels) for the normal human ears any sound levels less than 70 Db are less damaging to the living organisms. If any sound goes beyond the 70dB then it needs to treat as noise pollutions due to impacts the living beings as well adverse effect in humans and animals. … Read more

Rain water Harvesting working modeL | step by step | science model project

Introduction In this post, we all talk about how to make the rainwater harvesting working model for your school exhibition or science fair/exhibition very easily at home completely free. First let us understand what is rainwater harvesting, Rainwater harvesting is the process in collecting the rain water mostly in the house/office/any building roof in the … Read more

Acid rain model for exhibition | science project students

acid rain model

Introduction Acid Rain Model is used to showcase how the normal rain forms into acidic rain due to the vehicle and factory pollutions that emit sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, that get added with water molecules in atmosphere to produce acid rains. In this topic, we are going to show you how to make the … Read more

DIY Human Digestive system model for SCIENCE EXHIBITION or Fair

In this topic video, we are showing how you can make yourself the human digestive system model for your biology project. Digestive system is the most important of human body. If it does not function properly, it leads to many other problems. Digestive system is responsible for the digestion of food in the body that … Read more