How to make Model of Globe for science project and school Exhibition

Making a globe using a big ball is simple and easy project to learn about the Earth’s geography and geography in general.

Here are the steps to make a basic globe using a ball:

  • You will need a large inflatable ball (such as a beach ball, foot ball or basket ball), a marker or pen, a ruler, paint, and glue or tape.
  • Paint or draw a map of the world on a the ball, Make sure the map is the same size as the circumference of the ball.
  • Apply glue or tape to the surface of the ball by making sure it is centered and smooth.
  • Use a marker or pen to add labels to the globe, such as the names of countries, oceans, and major cities.
  • Once the glue or tape is dry, the globe can be displayed on a stand or hung from the ceiling.

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Step by step video instructions on making the globe model science project

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