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This model visually demonstrates the connection between the rotation of the Earth and the occurrence of fires, symbolizing the effects of global warming.

Creating a working model to depict global warming using thermocol balls, paper, chopsticks, and a robot motor is a creative and engaging way to illustrate the concept.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you build your model:

Materials needed:

  1. Large thermocol ball (for Earth)
  2. Blue and green paint (for Earth)
  3. Red, yellow, and orange construction paper (for flames)
  4. Chopsticks (for making fire)
  5. Small toy or robot motor
  6. Battery pack with wires
  7. Glue
  8. Scissors
  9. Cardboard or a sturdy base

Working Model Making Steps:

global warming working model- science project for exhibition – diy – diypandit
  1. Paint the Thermocol Ball:
    • Use blue paint to represent the oceans on the thermocol ball.
    • Use green paint to represent the continents.
  2. Create Clouds (Optional):
    • If you have small thermocol balls, you can paint them white and glue them to the model as clouds.
  3. Make Flames:
    • Cut flame shapes from the red, yellow, and orange construction paper.
    • Glue these flame shapes onto the chopsticks to represent fires.
  4. Attach Flames to the Model:
    • Stick the chopsticks with flames into the cardboard or base to represent fires occurring on the Earth’s surface.
  5. Mount the Earth on the Robot Motor:
    • Attach the robot motor to the bottom of the large thermocol ball (Earth). Make sure it’s secure and centered.
  6. Connect the Motor to the Battery Pack:
    • Connect the wires from the robot motor to a battery pack. This will allow the Earth to rotate.
  7. Assemble the Model:
    • Secure the Earth and the flames on the base. Make sure the motor is positioned correctly to allow the Earth to rotate.
  8. Demonstrate Global Warming:
    • When you turn on the motor, it will cause the Earth to rotate. As the Earth rotates, the flames on the surface represent the increasing temperatures and the impact of global warming.

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