how to make wind turbine – wind mill – wind energy plant working model – science project

In this article post we write about making of the wind turbine – wind mill – wind energy plant working model – science project – power transmission – energy transmission

Step-by-step guide to creating a wind energy power plant model that generates electricity and transmits power to various cardboard houses via power poles:

wind turbine - wind mill - wind energy plant working model - science project
wind turbine – wind mill – wind energy plant working model – science project

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Cardboard sheets (for base, structures, and houses)
  2. Color paper (for decoration)
  3. Small DC motor (to represent the wind turbine)
  4. Wooden dowel or stick (to act as the wind turbine tower)
  5. Craft knife or scissors
  6. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  7. Wire and cables
  8. Small LED or light bulb (to represent electricity)
  9. 9V battery or power source
  10. Craft supplies for decoration (markers, stickers, etc.)

Step by Step Guide on Making of Wind Energy Working Model

  1. Prepare the Base:
    • Use a large piece of cardboard as the base for your model.
  2. Create the Wind Turbine Tower:
    • Attach a wooden dowel or stick vertically to the base using hot glue. This will be the wind turbine tower.
  3. Build the Wind Turbine:
    • Attach the small DC motor horizontally to the top of the wooden dowel, representing the wind turbine.
    • Connect the motor’s terminals to wires.
  4. Generate Electricity:
    • Attach the LED or light bulb to the wires connected to the motor’s terminals. This represents the electricity generated by the wind turbine.
  5. Construct Cardboard Houses:
    • Cut and assemble small cardboard houses to represent the homes receiving power.
    • Decorate the houses using color paper and craft supplies.
  6. Add Power Poles:
    • Create small structures to represent power poles using cardboard.
    • Attach these structures at various points on the base and near the houses to simulate the power distribution network.
  7. Connect Wires to Power Poles and Houses:
    • Attach wires to connect the wind turbine’s electricity output to the power poles and houses.
  8. Create Cable Lines:
    • Use wires to create cable lines connecting the power poles and houses.
    • Secure the wires to the structures using hot glue.
  9. Place the Battery:
    • Position the 9V battery or power source on the base.
  10. Model Interaction:
    • Blow air toward the wind turbine blades to simulate wind.
    • The wind will cause the turbine blades (DC motor) to turn, generating electricity that lights up the LED and powers the houses.
  11. Decoration:
    • Decorate the model with color paper, markers, and other craft supplies to make it visually appealing.

This model illustrates the conversion of wind energy into electricity and its distribution to houses via a power pole network. It’s an engaging way to learn about renewable energy sources and the process of transmitting electricity for household use.

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