Water pollution working model for science exhibition

In this article written to make the water pollution working model for science exhibition – diy at home simple and easy

Creating a water pollution working model using a cardboard house, syringes to pump polluted water to a pond, a plastic tray for the pond, and a toy truck to simulate dumping solid waste is an informative project. Here’s how you can build this model:

Water pollution working model for science exhibition
Water pollution working model for science exhibition

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Cardboard sheets (for house and structures)
  2. Plastic tray (for the pond)
  3. Toy truck (for solid waste)
  4. Syringes (for water pumping)
  5. Colored paper or markers (for details)
  6. Craft knife or scissors
  7. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  8. Craft supplies for decoration (markers, stickers, etc.)

video step instructions on how to make the water pollution working model

  1. Prepare the Base:
    • Use a sturdy piece of cardboard as the base for your model.
  2. Create the House:
    • Cut and assemble cardboard pieces to create a simple house structure.
    • Attach the house to the base using hot glue.
  3. Set Up the Pond:
    • Place the plastic tray on the base to represent the pond.
    • You can fill the tray with a small amount of water to simulate polluted water.
  4. Simulate Water Pollution:
    • Use colored paper or markers to create pollution sources (e.g., factories, households) around the house.
    • Place the syringes near the pollution sources, connecting them to the pond.
    • Fill the syringes with colored water and simulate pumping polluted water into the pond.
  5. Dump Solid Waste:
    • Position the toy truck near the pond.
    • Use small pieces of paper or craft materials to represent solid waste, placing them in the truck bed.
    • Simulate dumping the waste into the pond.
  6. Decoration:
    • Decorate the house structure, base, pond, and truck with craft supplies to make it visually appealing.

Model Interaction:

  • Pump the syringes to simulate the release of polluted water into the pond.
  • Dump the solid waste from the truck into the pond to demonstrate the impact of pollution.

This model effectively illustrates the concept of water pollution and its sources. It’s an educational way to learn about the consequences of pollution on water bodies and the importance of environmental protection.

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