how to make sprinkler irrigation system working model -diy – inspire award science project

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Creating a sprinkler irrigation system using a small bottle is a simple and effective way to water your plants or garden.

Materials you will need:

  • Small plastic bottle (e.g., 500 ml or 1-liter bottle)
  • Thumbtack or pin
  • Hammer or small nail (optional, if using a thumbtack)
  • Water
  • Plants or garden to water

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Prepare the bottle:
    • Remove the bottle cap and empty any liquid inside the bottle.
    • Rinse the bottle thoroughly to ensure it’s clean and free from any residues.
  2. Create sprinkler holes:
    • Using a thumbtack or pin, carefully puncture small holes in the bottom of the bottle. These holes will serve as the sprinkler nozzles.
  3. Optional: Use a hammer or nail (if needed):
    • If you find it challenging to make holes with the thumbtack, you can use a hammer or a small nail to create the holes. Gently tap the nail with the hammer to pierce the bottle.
  4. Fill the bottle with water:
    • Fill the bottle with water, but not to the top. Leave some space to prevent water from spilling out when the sprinkler is in use.
  5. Replace the bottle cap:
    • Screw the bottle cap back on tightly to prevent water leakage from the top.
  6. Use the sprinkler irrigation system:
    • Position the bottle in your garden or near the plants you want to water.
    • Turn the bottle upside down, placing the capped end into the soil, ensuring that the holes face the plants.
    • As the bottle gradually releases water through the holes, it will function as a simple sprinkler, providing a slow and steady irrigation for your plants.
  7. Adjust watering speed:
    • The size and number of holes you made in the bottle will affect the water flow rate. You can experiment with different hole sizes and spacings to control the watering speed to suit your plants’ needs.

This small bottle sprinkler irrigation system is best suited for small-scale gardening and potted plants. It’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to provide a steady water supply to your plants, especially during dry periods. Remember to refill the bottle as needed to keep your plants hydrated and healthy.

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