How to make Solar-Powered Sprinkler Irrigation System Working Model


In this project, we will create a working model of a solar-powered sprinkler irrigation system using a solar panel, DC motor, plastic tray, soil, and plants.

This model will demonstrate how renewable energy from the sun can be harnessed to automatically water plants through a sprinkler system.

Materials Needed:

  1. Solar panel
  2. DC water pump or motor
  3. Plastic tray or container (for holding soil and plants)
  4. Plastic tubing
  5. Sprinkler head or nozzle
  6. Small plants or seedlings
  7. Soil or growing medium
  8. Water
  9. Support structure or stand
  10. Battery (for energy storage, optional)
  11. Wires and connectors

Step-by-Step Explanation:

  1. Assembling the Base:
    • Set up a sturdy support structure or stand to hold the plastic tray at an elevated level.
  2. Preparing the Tray:
    • Fill the plastic tray with soil or a suitable growing medium.
    • Plant small plants or seedlings in the soil, evenly spaced.
  3. Setting Up the Solar Panel:
    • Attach the solar panel to a suitable location where it can receive direct sunlight.
    • Connect the solar panel to the DC motor or water pump using wires.
  4. Connecting the Water Pump:
    • Submerge the DC water pump in a water reservoir or container.
    • Connect plastic tubing to the water pump’s outlet.
  5. Installing the Sprinkler System:
    • Attach a sprinkler head or nozzle to the end of the plastic tubing.
    • Position the nozzle above the plants in the plastic tray.
  6. Wiring and Power Supply:
    • Connect the wires from the solar panel to the water pump or DC motor.
    • Optionally, connect a battery to store excess energy from the solar panel for operation during cloudy periods.
  7. Activating the System:
    • When the solar panel receives sunlight, it generates electricity, powering the DC motor or water pump.
  8. Watering the Plants:
    • The water pump circulates water through the plastic tubing and sprinkler nozzle, irrigating the plants in the plastic tray.

Demonstrating the Sprinkler Irrigation System:

  • Explain that the solar panel collects energy from the sun, which is used to power the water pump.
  • Emphasize the efficiency and sustainability of using solar power for automatic irrigation.


Through the solar-powered sprinkler irrigation system working model, you’ve successfully demonstrated how solar energy can be utilized to automatically water plants. This project highlights the importance of renewable energy in agriculture and showcases an efficient irrigation solution.

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