how to make solar system model (hanging) for science fair exhibition

In this post we show you how to make the solar system model (hanging) for science fair exhibition using cardboard and color paper diy at home easily

Creating a hanging solar system model for a science fair is a fun and educational project that can be made using cardboard, color paper, and threads.

solar system model (hanging) for science fair exhibition
solar system model (hanging) for science fair exhibition

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make this model:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cardboard: For the base and planets.
  2. Color Paper: For decorating the planets and the Sun.
  3. Thread or String: To hang the planets.
  4. Glue: For assembling the planets and attaching color paper.
  5. Scissors and Craft Knife: For cutting the cardboard and paper.
  6. Markers, Paint, or Colored Pencils: For additional details on the planets.
  7. Ruler and Compass: For measuring and drawing circles.
  8. Hole Punch or Needle: For making holes to hang the planets.
  9. Tape: For securing the threads.

Step by step video instructions on making solar system model (hanging):

1. Prepare the Cardboard Base:

  • Cut a large circle from the cardboard to represent the base of your model. This will be the background that the planets will hang from.
  • Optionally, paint or cover the cardboard circle with dark blue or black color paper to represent space.

2. Create the Sun:

  • Cut out a large circle from the cardboard to represent the Sun.
  • Cover it with yellow or orange color paper. Add details with markers or paint to make it look more realistic.
  • Attach the Sun to the center of the large cardboard base using glue.

3. Create the Planets:

  • Cut out smaller circles from the cardboard for each planet. The sizes should vary to represent the different sizes of the planets in the solar system.
  • Cover each planet with color paper to match their appearance. Use markers or paint to add details. Here are the basic colors for each planet:
    • Mercury: Gray
    • Venus: Yellowish-white
    • Earth: Blue and green
    • Mars: Red or reddish-brown
    • Jupiter: Orange with white and brown stripes
    • Saturn: Pale yellow with rings (you can add rings made of cardboard or paper)
    • Uranus: Light blue
    • Neptune: Dark blue

4. Attach Threads to the Planets:

  • Use a hole punch or needle to make a small hole at the top of each planet.
  • Cut pieces of thread or string to different lengths so that the planets can hang at different distances from the Sun.
  • Thread each piece through the hole in a planet and secure it with a knot. You can add a small piece of tape to ensure the thread stays in place.

5. Attach the Planets to the Base:

  • Punch small holes around the edge of the large cardboard base where you want each planet to hang.
  • Thread the other end of each string through these holes and secure them with knots and tape on the backside of the base. Ensure that each planet hangs freely and can rotate.

6. Final Assembly:

  • Hang the entire model from a central point. You can use another piece of thread attached to the center of the large cardboard base.
  • Ensure all planets are hanging freely and not tangled.


This hanging solar system model is a great way to visually represent the planets and their arrangement around the Sun. It’s perfect for a science fair exhibition, providing both an educational and eye-catching display. Enjoy making and presenting your solar system model!

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