solar irrigation system model science project for exhibition – simple and easy | DIY pandit

Creating a solar irrigation system model using cardboard, a cardboard house, colored paper, a cardboard solar panel, a sun representation (ball), and a plastic tray for agriculture is a creative way to showcase a sustainable agricultural concept.

solar irrigation system model science project for exhibition - simple and easy | DIY pandit

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build this model:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Cardboard sheets (for the base, solar panel, and house)
  2. Colored paper (for decoration)
  3. Small ball (to represent the sun)
  4. Plastic tray (for agriculture)
  5. Craft knife or scissors
  6. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  7. Craft supplies for decoration (markers, stickers, etc.)
  8. Small container (for water reservoir)

Step by Step video on making of Solar irrigation model making

  1. Prepare the Base:
    • Cut a large piece of cardboard to serve as the base for your model.
    • You can paint or cover the base with colored paper to represent the ground.
  2. Build the House:
    • Cut and assemble cardboard pieces to create a simple house structure.
    • Decorate the house with paint or colored paper to make it visually appealing.
  3. Create the Solar Panel:
    • Cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of a solar panel.
    • Cover the panel with aluminum foil or silver-colored paper to simulate solar panels.
    • Attach the panel to the house’s roof.
  4. Representing the Sun:
    • Attach a small ball to the top of a stick or dowel to represent the sun.
    • Place the sun near the model to show the sunlight source.
  5. Agriculture in the Plastic Tray:
    • Place a plastic tray on the base to represent an agricultural area.
    • You can fill the tray with soil or sand to simulate a field.
    • Use colored paper to create crops, plants, or vegetation.
  6. Water Reservoir:
    • Attach a small container near the agricultural area to represent a water reservoir.
    • This container can be filled with water to demonstrate irrigation.
  7. Irrigation System:
    • Use colored paper or cardboard strips to create channels or pipes that connect the water reservoir to the agricultural area.
    • Position the channels in a way that water can flow to irrigate the crops.
  8. Solar-Powered Pump:
    • If desired, you can create a representation of a solar-powered water pump using cardboard and colored paper. Attach it near the reservoir.
  9. Final Touches:
    • Decorate the model with additional details like fences, pathways, and other scenic elements using craft supplies.

This model will help you understand the concept of solar-powered irrigation and its application in agriculture. It’s an interactive and informative way to learn about renewable energy integration and sustainable farming practices

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