Science exhibition themes

science exhibition theme

In this post, I writing about the science exhibition themes which are being used in all the schools while conducting science exhibitions.

Science Exhibition themes are at very high-level topics, which you can drill down further to get the specific science project which you wanted to prepare for the exhibition.

Let us know concentrate only on the high level science exhibition theme topics

Conventional energy / non-renewable energy

Nonrenewable energy or Conventional Energy sources are limited resources. These will get exhausted due to over usage.

Nonrenewable energy sources are fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

In this topic, you can model what are the benefits and disadvantages, how it impacts due to human or animals due to it.

How to save conventional energy for the long term.

Non-conventional energy / renewable energy

Renewable Energy /Nonconventional energy has the main source of energy such as geothermal(power generated naturally), wind(windmill), solar, tidal, biomass and small hydroelectric plants.

Under this theme you can develop the models on windmill generators, solar power panel generator, biomass generator or power generation using dams

Agricultural forming(including organic farming and automation in farming)

Under this topic, you need to understand the background on the growing human population but the land is still the same to farming it.

Due to increasing population, it has the less land still you need to grow the food needed for the growing population, that means you need to increase the productivity
by bringing the smart technologies that save the efforts of farmers. Few examples of smart farming are as below

  • Completely automatic and robotic labors for repetitive tasks
  • Driverless Tractors
  • Precision Seeding Equipment
  • Automatic Watering and Irrigation
  • Weeding and Crop Maintenance
  • Drones for Imaging, Planting, Spray insecticides and More
  • Sensors and the IoT being used in the agriculture farms

Swachh bharat/Cleanliness

How you can keep your city clean, what equipment you can use, how can you bring new technology that reduces the efforts.

What are the benefits out of cleanliness drives? You can showcase all these things while during the project for the exhibition

Health innovations

You can make the models on the latest health innovations happening in the world

For example,

  • Virtual reality is the new health innovation where patient need not travel to hospital for treatment, using Virtual Reality allows the patients to get the treatment just sitting at home
  • IoT devices
  • Medicines

Teaching Aids

Teaching aid is nothing but a book, picture or map or model or device used by teacher that enhances the teaching ability and students are able to understand very eaisly

Examples of Teaching Aids :

Visual Aids : power point slides, projectors, chalkboards or white boards, maps, pictures, etc

Worksheets : hand out to students so that they can practice to their skills


The environment is also known as an ecosystem, it has plants, animals, and microorganisms together with all of the non-living

Here you can make models on ecosystems

  • plants
  • animals
  • non-living things

Science and the Home

Science and the Quality of Life

Water and Man

Conservation of National Resources

Science and Low Cost Technology for Development

Science and Technology in Information Age

Science and Technology to Meet the Challenges of Life.

Science & Technology for Society

Science, Indigenous Technology and Sustainable Development

Science and Technology in the Changing world

Recent Trends in Science and Technology.

Science and Technology for Rural Development

Science and Technology for Sustainable Development

Science & Technology and Planet Earth

Science and Technology for Global Sustainability

As the world is growing rapidly all the resources are limited, how will be able to sustain due it.

There are various challenges in having suitability such as distribution of water, food, and energy etc

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