how to make maths square roots working model – tlm – diy

In this video post we write able making of the maths square roots working model -using cardboard – tlm – diy

Creating a square roots working model with rotating elements using cardboard and color paper can be a great way to explore the concept of square roots for different numbers.

Let’s build a model that allows you to rotate the elements to get different numbers and their corresponding square roots.

Materials needed:

  1. Cardboard (for the base and structures)
  2. Color paper (for representing different elements)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or double-sided tape
  5. Brads or pins (to allow rotation)
  6. Marker pens or sketch pens

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Base:
    • Cut a large circle from cardboard to serve as the base for the model.
  2. Number and Square Root Representation:
    • Choose a specific number for the model (e.g., 25).
    • Use color paper to represent the number and its square root.
    • Cut out two small squares from color paper and write the chosen number on one square (e.g., “25”).
    • On the other square, write the square root of the chosen number (e.g., “√25” or “5”).
  3. Holes and Brads:
    • Create two holes in the cardboard, large enough to hold the color paper squares. These holes should be at opposite corners of the cardboard.
    • Insert a brad or pin through the center of each color paper square.
    • Attach the brads to the holes on the cardboard, allowing the squares to rotate freely.
  4. Rotation Mechanism:
    • Now, you can rotate the squares on the brads, which allows you to change the number and its square root being displayed.
  5. Labeling and Details:
    • Use marker pens or sketch pens to label the holes with “Number” and “Square Root.”
    • Add brief explanations or captions to describe the concept of square roots.
  6. Decorating the Model:
    • Use markers or color paper to decorate the model and add more details to make it visually appealing.

Now, you have a square roots working model with rotating elements using cardboard and color paper. By rotating the squares, you can change the number being displayed along with its corresponding square root. This interactive model allows you to explore square roots for different numbers and observe the relationship between numbers and their square roots.

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Video step by step making of maths square roots working model – tlm – diy

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