working model to square of a number using cardboard

Creating a working model to illustrate the square of a number using cardboard can be a hands-on and interactive project.

Below is a simple guide to help you make a model that demonstrates the concept of squaring numbers:


  1. Cardboard boxes (small to medium-sized)
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Craft knife or scissors
  5. Colored markers or paints
  6. Index cards or small pieces of cardboard
  7. Split pins (brads)
  8. String or yarn
  9. Glue or tape

Step by Step Square Number Working Model :

  1. Prepare the Base:
    • Cut out a square piece of cardboard from a cardboard box. This will serve as the base for your model.
  2. Divide the Base:
    • Use a ruler and pencil to divide the square base into smaller squares, creating a grid. Label each square with a number, starting from 1 and going up to the maximum number you want to demonstrate.
  3. Create Number Cards:
    • Cut small squares from index cards or cardboard. Write one number on each card, corresponding to the numbers on the base. These cards will represent the numbers you are squaring.
  4. Draw Squares on Number Cards:
    • On each number card, draw a square to represent the square of that number. For example, if the number is 3, draw a 3×3 square.
  5. Attach Number Cards to the Base:
    • Use split pins (brads) to attach the number cards to the corresponding squares on the base. This allows the cards to rotate freely.
  6. Optional: Add a Rotating Indicator:
    • Cut out an arrow or pointer from cardboard and attach it to the center of the base using a split pin. This arrow can be rotated to point to different numbers, allowing you to focus on one square at a time.

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