Maths model ideas for school exhibition

In this post, I am dedicated to writing about maths models ideas which can be used in the science fair or exhibitions for class 1 to class 10 students.

Maths model ideas for school exhibition

What is Mathematical Models

Mathematics models can be used to showcase how we can represent with the real world examples. maths model tells you how in the real world the equations works

Math project models help the students in understanding the math concept or idea. When the students making the math projects, they will learn in depth on the mathematics subject on the model topic.

Maths model project ideas

I am list the best topics or ideas for maths project for your class exhibition

  • Basic Mathamatic Operations(Additions, Substrations, Muliplication,Division)
  • Area of Circle
  • Angles
  • Shapes
  • Learn Fractions
  • Number Activities
  • Trignometry
  • Polygons
  • Types of Tringles
  • Pythogous theroum
  • Pascal traingle
  • Bar graph
  • Cubes
  • Symmetry

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