Kannada rajyotsava decoration ideas – diy – craft ideas using paper | howtofunda

Here are some simple decoration ideas for Kannada Rajyotsava that anyone can do:

Flag Decor:

Hang Karnataka flags around your space. You can buy or make them with red and yellow paper.

Flower Arrangements:

Use marigold flowers to create garlands or arrange them in vases for a traditional touch.

Paper Rangoli:

Make a rangoli using colored paper. You can create simple geometric patterns or even draw the shape of Karnataka.

Posters and Banners:

Print out or draw posters with Kannada script or simple messages like “Happy Kannada Rajyotsava.”

Cultural Art:

Display simple local crafts or paintings that represent Karnataka’s culture.

Tablecloth Decor:

Use a Mysore silk saree or a cloth with Kannada motifs as a tablecloth.

Food Presentation:

If you’re serving food, arrange it in a way that showcases Karnataka’s cuisine. Use traditional dishes and serve them on banana leaves if possible.

Candle and Diya Decor:

Light candles or diyas in red and yellow holders for a warm, festive atmosphere.

Kannada Alphabet Cutouts:

Cut out Kannada letters from colored paper and stick them on walls or string them to make a banner.

Trivia Cards:

Write down interesting facts about Karnataka on cards and place them around the venue for guests to read.

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