Innovative Crop Protection System Against Animals Using DC Motor


In this innovative and award-winning project, we present an automatic agriculture crop protection system designed to deter animals such as monkeys, rats, and other pests from damaging crops. By utilizing a DC motor, metal nut, metal wire, and steel glass, this system provides an effective and humane solution for safeguarding agricultural yields.

Materials and Components Needed:

  1. DC motor
  2. Metal nut
  3. Metal wire or cable
  4. Steel glass shards or plates
  5. Wooden platform or frame
  6. Arduino microcontroller (optional)
  7. Motion sensor (optional)
  8. Power source (battery or solar panel)
  9. Weatherproof enclosure

Working Principle:

  1. Creating the Deterrent Mechanism:
    • Attach the metal nut to the DC motor’s rotating shaft.
    • Attach the metal wire or cable to the metal nut.
  2. Positioning the Deterrent:
    • Attach the other end of the metal wire to a steel glass shard or plate.
    • Position the steel glass shard a few inches above the crop area, where pests are likely to land.
  3. Activating the System:
    • The DC motor can be activated using a timer, motion sensor, or manually controlled.
    • When the motor is activated, it rotates the metal nut, causing the metal wire to pull the steel glass shard up.
  4. Deterring Animals:
    • When animals like monkeys or rats attempt to access the crops, they encounter the rising steel glass shard.
    • The movement and the presence of the steel glass create an obstacle that scares away animals.

Benefits and Innovations:

  1. Cost-Effective Solution: The project uses simple and readily available materials for an affordable crop protection system.
  2. Non-Lethal Deterrence: The rising steel glass shards create a non-lethal barrier to repel animals without causing harm.
  3. Effective and Humane: The system offers an innovative yet humane way to protect crops from a variety of pests.
  4. Customization: The project can be adapted to various crop types and sizes, ensuring versatility in agriculture.
  5. Inspiration and Recognition: The project’s ingenuity and creative use of materials can win awards and inspire others in the field of agriculture.


The Innovative Crop Protection System using a DC motor, metal nut, metal wire, and steel glass is an ingenious approach to safeguarding crops from animals while maintaining ethical and humane practices. This project has the potential to garner recognition and inspire others to develop innovative solutions for agricultural challenges.

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