how to make igloo house making model for a school project using best out of waste materials


In this topic, we are going to show you how to make an igloo house model at home for your science project or exhibitions.

This homemade igloo house model is done using materials like cardboard, papers, color, white papers, a big bottle cap and hot glue gun which is easily available at home at low cost.

igloo model making diy

Overview of igloo house

A type of shelter built of snow is called snow house, snow hut or igloo and are traditionally associated with people of Canada’s Central Arctic and Greenland’s Thule area.

Snow is used to constructing igloo because air pockets trapped in it make it an insulator. Outside weather temperature may be low as −45 °C however inside temperature of the igloo can be in the range of −7 to 16 °C.

Types of Igloo house

There are three types of igloos

  • Smallest: They are constructed as a temporary shelter which can be used for one or two nights. They are built for hunting trips on open sea ice.
  • Intermediate-sized: They are having a single room dwelling that housed one or two families. These are built to form a small Inuit village.
  • Largest: They are built in groups of two. One building is a temporary structure and another for living. It can have up to five rooms and housed up to 20 people.

How to make igloo model for a school project at home step by step video?

In this video, we will show steps by step video instructions on how to build the igloo model at home easy way.

First, take half coconut shell and scrap it with sandpaper. Take a paintbrush, dip in white color and paint the coconut shell with it.

Draw the structure of igloo on top of it with the help of pencil and color it with black paint.

Take a green color rectangular shape paper and draw a semicircle on it.

Now draw two diagonal lines from the ends of the semicircle to form a triangle on top of the semicircle.

Cut it with the help of scissor and form a cone and staple it, stick it using fevicol.

Next, take a large green color rectangular shape paper and draw lines and cut it into three rectangular shaped pieces and cut it multiple times to form a ribbon.

Take a purple color rectangular shape paper and form the trunk of the tree.

Take large rectangular shape cardboard and stick trees into it and put cotton on it.

Put the painted coconut shell and this completes the igloo model.

Materials Used

Materials used in this video are shown below to build igloo model at home by taking help of your parents.

  • Half coconut shell
  • Sandpaper
  • Color paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Scissor
  • Fevicol
  • Cotton

Questions & Answers

1. Who lives in an igloo?

Eskimos live in an igloo.

2. How long do igloos last for?

Igloo lasts for about one year.

3. Can you sleep in an igloo?

Yes, a sleeping bag helps to keep you cozy however only one layer of clothing should be worn inside the bag.


Iglo model helps students to learn about igloo and its purpose as well as how to make it with easily available materials at home.

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