How to make school model project for science exhibition

In this, I am going to write here more on how to make the school models

what are the various steps involved in doing the right school model for your kids

So that your kid can easily do that with little help from you and win the competition as well!!

Choose the best school project ideas

This is the first step in the process where you should understand the context, what is the theme for science exhibition

What is the topic we will have to look based on the subject kid has to demonstrate his or her learning.

The complexity of doing these creative school models also varies from where kids are studying that is class 1 to class 10 the complexity increases in the same order

Also, you need to look at it how you can make it so attractive every one start liking your kid project

When you are picking the right project always keep it simple, so that your kids can easily understand the concepts and able to explain it.

Types of School Science project

There are 3 types of school science projects

KIT/Assembly model

This type of models whee you will be required to assemble the items and form the model. You should understand each items in the Kit

Working Model

Working model is actually the working prototype which you can demonstrate to the teachers on the leanings you have made.

Static Model

This you put the information in the static board where you show the flow to showcase in the exhibition

Experiment Model

In this kind of model. you will have to do a lot of research what needs to be accomplished in the experiments, follow step by step to achieve it, take the readings in your report

Budget for School Project Model

You should also look at how much you can spend on this model as it requires a good amount of materials to make the model.

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