A hovercraft is a vehicle that can be used on land, water, mud, ice and on other surfaces as well.

It is a vehicle based on atmospheric pressure and uses blowers to create a large amount of air, hence helping the vehicle to move.

It is known as an ACV or an air cushion vehicle.

It moves like a boat across water, and utilises propellers to move through. It glides easily. It is used to get around some of the most inaccessible places in the world. it comes in various shapes and sizes.

The range of hovercrafts vary from one-person machines to giant ferries that can carry over 400 people and 50 cars.

The fuel consumption of these vehicles is less and they are very fast vehicles, capable of speeds up to 145 kph.

The uses of hovercrafts range from recreation, education, racing, rescue, military to a multitude of commercial uses.

This video we have concentrated for students who can do this for science project model for class 8 on air pressure experiments

Materials required:

  • CD
  • Pril bottle cap
  • Huge balloon
  • Glue gun

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at a reasonable cost.


Questions and Answers:

  1. Who invented hovercrafts?

Sir Christopher Sydney Cockerell invented the hovercraft. But many people have claimed to build versions of the hovercraft.

Cockerell himself created multiple versions of the hovercraft. He built many versions of it in the 1950s.

  • What are the types of hovercrafts?

Hovercrafts are classified broadly into two categories. There exists the single propeller hovercraft and the second version is the multiple propeller hovercraft.

The single propeller hovercraft consists of lift and propulsion that is integrated. The motor propeller system is vertical and slightly inclined.

Multiple propeller hovercrafts have two systems for lift and thrust mechanisms.

  • What are the uses of hovercrafts?

Hovercrafts are used for multiple purposes in various spheres.

They are frequently used to transport for military, for racing etc. the reason for the use of hovercrafts in the military is their high capacity to carry troops, military supplies and even tanks.

Among some of the other uses are transportation, recreation and multiple commercial uses.

These versatile vehicles are used to respond to crisis like oil spills, because they have the ability to carry the heavy equipment.

The fast speed of the hovercraft lets the rescue team reach the spill in time.

  • Which country produces the greatest number of hovercrafts in the world?

The UK produces a fair amount of hovercrafts and has always been one of the primary producers of hovercrafts in the world.


The invention of the hovercraft has had its benefits over the ages, and continues to help us in times of crisis. The video instructs you how to create a model hovercraft, etc.

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