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In this article provided the information on how to make the inspire science project working model on hydraulic braking system – diy howtofunda

Creating a hydraulic braking system using a DC motor, CD, and syringes is an excellent way to demonstrate how hydraulic systems work in real-life applications like braking systems in vehicles.

In this model, we will use a DC motor to simulate the vehicle’s motion, CDs as brake discs, and syringes as hydraulic pistons.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the model:

Materials you will need:

  • DC motor (small size)
  • CDs (compact discs)
  • syringes (size and type can vary)
  • Rubber tubing (to connect the syringes)
  • Cardboard or sturdy base
  • Hot glue gun or adhesive putty
  • 9V battery or AA/AAA batteries with battery holder (to power the DC motor)
  • Battery snap connector or terminal connector
  • Water

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Prepare the base and set up the DC motor:
    • Place the cardboard board or sturdy base on a flat surface. This will serve as the foundation for your hydraulic braking system model.
    • Position the DC motor on the base. You can secure it in place using hot glue or adhesive putty.
  2. Set up the brake discs (CDs):
    • Place one CD on the shaft of the DC motor. This CD will rotate with the motor, representing the rotating brake disc.
  3. Test the hydraulic braking system:
    • Power the DC motor using the 9V battery or AA/AAA batteries with the battery holder and the battery snap connector or terminal connector.
    • Rotate the motor to simulate the vehicle’s motion. As the motor rotates the rotating CD, press the plunger of one syringe (e.g., the left syringe). This will force water through the tubing and push the corresponding CD (stationary or rotating) against the other Syringe, simulating a hydraulic braking action.
    • Observe how the braking action works. When you press one syringe, it should cause the corresponding Syringe to stop or slow down the rotation, simulating a hydraulic braking system.

Your hydraulic braking system model using a DC motor, CDs, and syringes is now complete! This model demonstrates the basic principles of hydraulics and how they are used in real-life applications like vehicle braking systems. It’s an engaging and interactive way to learn about hydraulic systems and their importance in braking and other applications.

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