how to make computer-related acronyms with their full forms for a science exhibition.


To create a 12-cornered cardboard model showcasing 12 important computer-related acronyms with their full forms for a science exhibition.

Materials Needed

  1. Large cardboard sheet
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors or craft knife
  5. Markers or pens
  6. Glue or tape
  7. Decorative materials (optional: stickers, colored paper, etc.)

Step by Step Video Instructions

Step 1: Designing the 12-Cornered Shape

Step 2: Preparing the Full Forms

  1. Select 12 Computer Acronyms:
    • Choose 12 common computer-related acronyms. Here are some suggestions:
      • CPU: Central Processing Unit
      • RAM: Random Access Memory
      • ROM: Read-Only Memory
      • HDD: Hard Disk Drive
      • SSD: Solid State Drive
      • GPU: Graphics Processing Unit
      • BIOS: Basic Input/Output System
      • USB: Universal Serial Bus
      • HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol
      • HTML: HyperText Markup Language
      • IP: Internet Protocol
      • LAN: Local Area Network
  2. Create Labels:
    • Cut out 12 small rectangles from cardboard or colored paper.
    • Write each acronym and its full form on a separate rectangle.

Step 3: Attaching the Full Forms to the Dodecagon

  1. Position the Labels:
    • Position one label at each corner of the dodecagon.
    • Ensure that each label is oriented correctly and evenly spaced.
  2. Attach the Labels:
    • Use glue or tape to securely attach each label to the dodecagon.

Step 4: Adding Visual Appeal

  1. Decorate the Model:
    • Use markers, stickers, or colored paper to decorate the dodecagon.
    • You can add a title in the center of the dodecagon, such as “Computer Acronyms and Their Full Forms.”
  2. Reinforce the Model:
    • If needed, reinforce the edges of the dodecagon with tape to ensure durability.

Step 5: Display Setup

  1. Create a Stand (Optional):
    • If you want the model to stand upright, create a simple stand using additional cardboard.
    • Cut a strip of cardboard, fold it into a triangular base, and attach it to the back of the dodecagon.


This 12-cornered cardboard model provides an engaging way to showcase and learn important computer acronyms and their full forms.

It’s a simple yet effective educational tool that can be used in exhibitions and classrooms to enhance students’ understanding of computer terminology.

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