solar eclipse -lunar eclipse model

Introduction: A solar eclipse is caused when the earth passes through the shadow cast by the moon and partially or fully blocks the rays of the sun. This can only occur when the sun, the moon and the earth are nearly aligned on the same line. The lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly … Read more


rain water alarm project diy for school science exhibition

Introduction: This video demonstrates the working of a rain alarm system that you can use it in your school project by doing it yourself. The experiment can be easily adapted and used in homes and industries too. A rain alarm is a smart water detector, it detects rain and automatically triggers an alarm or buzzers. … Read more

Agriculture Model Organic Farming

agriculture model - diy

Introduction: Organic farming is a style of farming where crops and livestock is produced with no use of pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones. These days, many are choosing organic farming over conventional methods of farming. There are many types of organic farming like, crop rotation, green manures, compost, biological pest control and mechanical cultivation. … Read more

Charcoal Sand Water Purifier School science exhibition model

charcoal water filter school exhibition model

Introduction: In this topic, we show a charcoal sand water purifier experiment using materials that are easily available. The water we use comes from lakes, rivers, and groundwater. It is always very important to clean this water before it can be used for drinking and other domestic purposes. The process of filtration includes four steps, … Read more

Desert Model School Project

desert school model - diy - school exhibition project

Introduction: A desert is a barren land where there is no or very less precipitation and thus making it difficult for life existence. Deserts are formed by due to large variations in the temperatures that puts strain on the rocks. We rarely see rains in the desert landscape, but if there is a rainfall it … Read more

Drone Making for School Science Project

make drone at home easily for school science project

Introduction: Drone is also called as unmanned aerial vehicle. It is a part of unmanned aerial system and an aircraft without human pilot aboard. UAV or drone run completely on human remote control or by onboard computers. The main components of the aerial system are the aerial vehicle and ground base controller. The communication between … Read more

Solar Powered House Model for School exhibition project

solar powered house - diy

Introduction: Solar powered house is a simple process of converting sunlight into electricity. This process is done using concentrated photovoltaics either directly or indirectly. Solar-powered house are a good example of the application of solar energy. The main components of the solar-powered house is solar panels, a solar thermal system, solar walls to preheat the … Read more

Insect Forest Model Project for school exhibition

insect school model

Introduction: Insects are small animals with legs and most of them have antenna along with wings. They are most diverse and important for the environment and the animal habitat. Insects play a crucial role in the forests as pollinators, decomposers and food sources for other organisms. These are called as forest insects that either help … Read more

Street Lights and Traffic Lights School Model Project

Street Lights and Traffic Lights Model for School Project

Introduction: Traffic signals and street lights are very crucial to the safety of the pedestrians and vehicles. For this to be done successfully, it is very important that the traffic signals and lights are functional and efficient all the time. Street lights can be used to ensure safety in the urban areas by making sure … Read more

Lungs Working Model with Balloons – School Science project

lungs working model

Introduction: The respiratory system includes nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. Lungs are the pair of organs that look like air filled balloons located on either side of the chest. Lungs are responsible for pumping the oxygen into the blood through the process of respiration. In this process, air is breathed through the mouth, … Read more

Park Model for School Project Model

Introduction: Parks are the most crucial part of the city planning and important for the development of a healthy environment to the public. Parks are not considered to be a great recreational place for kids and elders but also great for the environment like improved air quality, improve water quality and protect ground water. When … Read more