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You might be scratching your head on what is air pollution. Air pollution is caused due to the solid and liquid particles and also due to certain gases that are suspended in the air.

These suspended particles and gases can come from various channels such as car and bus exhaust, factories, dust, pollen, and wildfires.

Air Pollution Model
Air Pollution Model

Source of air pollution are emissions from vehicles, chemicals out of factories, dust from construction activities, etc. Some of these pollutants causing air are poisonous.

There are many impacts on living organisms due to it on the heath that might lead to respiratory diseases, lung cancer, etc.

How Does Air Pollution Impacts on the Global Climate Changes

When the suspended particles on the air absorb the more heat then it impacts the global temperatures that lead to a reduction in the crops, it pollutes the water sources and contributes to global climate changes.

  • There are 5 common air pollutants in the world
    • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
    • Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
    • Particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5)
    • Ozone (O3)

Now We will have to Depict how to make the model of air pollution for the school project.

This project model needs to be done at various classes such as class 5, class 9.

In order to make the simple air pollution model at low cost and the items which are available at your home with the concept of best out of waste items.

Materials Required

  • Waste Boxes
  • Color Papers
  • Toys(Car)
  • Cotton for pollution
  • Paint
  • Glue gun
  • Fevicol Gum
  • Scissor
  • Sketch Pen
  • Card Board

Refer the resources/tools page section to find out where you buying it at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Step By Step Video Show How To Make Air pollution model 


Air pollution impacts largely on the living beings we will have to see as future-forward how to reduce these air pollution

So that living beings can have a healthy life by taking the right measures by going go-green method with less polluting as well as balancing the ecosystems

We will have to educate the world the impact or consequences of air pollution in the long run and its impacts on living beings.

The government should bring the good measure the curtail the air pollutions and also with collaborations with citizens

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