how to make Street Lights and Traffic Lights School Model Project


Traffic signals and street lights are very crucial to the safety of the pedestrians and vehicles. For this to be done successfully, it is very important that the traffic signals and lights are functional and efficient all the time.

Street Lights and Traffic Lights Model
Street Lights and Traffic Lights Model

Street lights can be used to ensure safety in the urban areas by making sure they run for long hours.

Traffic signals ensure that the vehicles and riders follow the rules to drive safely on the roads avoiding traffic and unnecessary accidents and collisions.

Traffic signals also ensure that the pedestrians have a safe walk on the roads.

In this video, we have shown a model project of smart traffic signals and street lights for a school exhibition. The materials used are easily available at home or any stationery store.

Materials Used:

  1. Chart sheet – 2
  2. Thick sheets – 4
  3. Paints and brush
  4. Straws
  5. Plastic flowers
  6. Pistachio shells
  7. A4 size white paper – 1
  8. Glue gun
  9. Liquid glue
  10. Colour papers – Yellow, green, red
  11. Sponge Balls – Small
  12. Thin flexible wire
  13. Toy cars

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Video Show How To Make Street Lights and Traffic Lights School Model Project

Questions and Answers:

  1. What is the use of a traffic signal?

       A. A traffic signal is used to improve the traffic handling capacity through proper timing at a junction or any intersection.

It controls the vehicular traffic in a way that the riders and the pedestrians are ensured of their safety.

       2. What are the advantages of a traffic signal?

       A. Traffic signals at the intersection and road in general at regular intervals ensure the safety of the riders and pedestrians.

Also, with the help of traffic signals, there will be no blocking of the vehicles at one place and causing a halt for long distances.

       3. What are the benefits of street lights?

       A. Street lights are considered to be the most crucial part of any city road planning.

The purpose of street light is to help the pedestrians and riders of vehicles to carry on their activity(walking,  riding, moving from one place to other) on the roads in the dark.

        4. How do traffic lights work?

       A. Traffic lights are usually managed by computers to help the real-time traffic to be controlled during its changing patterns.

Traffic control department of the city install the video cameras and sensors at the traffic signal pole so that the traffic is controlled automatically.


Traffic signals and street lights are a crucial part of the city road planning. It ensures the safety of the pedestrians and the riders.

So, it is always very important for the city to properly maintain the traffic signals and street lights so that there is no instance of an accident or blocking of the roads.

Also, the citizens need to make sure that they follow the traffic rules for their safety. Otherwise, keeping everything in place but not following the rules would be of no help.

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