Seed Germination Science exhibition model


Seed germination is the process in which a seed grows into sprout. Most of the seeds do not need sun light and they sprout naturally with very little water.

Seeds can be a small package in a fruit after the fusion of male and female reproductive cells.

The fully developed seeds contain food restores or an embryo that can be germinated. There are many types of seeds that do not have embryos, such seeds cannot germinate. They are called as dormant seeds.

Seed germination depend on many factors to become successful like, temperature, water, sunlight and oxygen.

End of germination can be noted by radicle, where in the seed utilizes the food restore in it.

There are many other types of germination like, pollen germination and spore germination.

In this video, we show seed germination for school project using materials that are easily available.

seed germination school model

Materials Used:

  1. Chart Sheet
  2. White paper- A4 size
  3. Paint and brushes
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Green Colour paper

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Video Show How To Make Seed Germination Science exhibition model

Questions and Answers:

  1. What are the factors that are to be considered for seed germination?

       A. There are many internal and external factors that affect the process of seed germination.

Water is required for germination because the mature seeds require lot of water to overcome the dryness.

Oxygen is required for metabolism during germination and the temperature affects the rate at which the plants grows.

       2. What is seed dormancy?

       A. Seed dormancy is the stage where the seed stops germinating or progressing further.

This happens at particular part of the seed, for example, in the embryo. In order to overcome this dormancy, the seed needs to be put under various environmental condition that kicks off the further progress.

       3. What is seedling establishment?

       A. Seedling establishment is the stage where the seed starts utilising the food in the restore.

This phase is important especially during the stages of seed development when it is vulnerable to breakage and loss of water.

       4. Explain germination in simple terms step by step?

       A. Seed germination is a very simple process that can be implented very easily at home. When the seed is put in the soil and watered, it takes in the water for its growth.

This process is called as imbibition. The water activates the proteins where the seed growth starts.

In order to access the water, the seed grows a root. In the process of germination, the seeds do not require sunlight.


Seeds can germinate very fast in a day. After the seeds are planted in the pots, they require just sprinkling of water over them to sprout.

The optimum temperature for the seeds to sprout is 80 degrees F. In order to speed up the germination is to pre-soak the seeds overnight and then plant them in the soil.

Phytochrome helps the seed to germinate without light, it sprouts up successfully in darkness.

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