Science Working Models for School Exhibitions

Science model can be working or non-working model. The Scientific non-working models or the working science models gives the details and its behavior as prototypes implementation real-time view.

What are Science Working Models and experiments?

diy windmill working model

Science working models are the topics covered as activities in the schools or colleges on completion of each chapter.

With these activities helps the students to understand the science concepts in a simple manner by developing the model out of their learnings so that accommodate in our day to day life needful

For example

To understand what is wind and its benefit, students normally would develop the wind model using dc small motor. Students as part of their learning the subject Kidney working model, air pollution working model, water pollution working model and so on will be built for the school exhibitions

What is non-working or still models for school exhibition?


Non-working models are the still models of sciences such as acid rain, water cycle, oxygen cycle, carbon cycle models or posters or diagrams which can be given the details information these topics by using cardboard, color papers and other waste materials available at your home

For example : Animal cell, plant cell model, computer model and so on

Maths model for school science exhibition :

first, let us understand what is maths model? you might be scratching your head what is that means!!.

Maths models are nothing but to represent the mathematical formulas, theorems so that you can demonstrate very easily with the models the concepts of mathematics

For example shapes of rectangle, square, triangle and so on

Mathematical calculations model as a working model where you can calculate the simple numbers and provide the results

Physics model for school exhibition

newton disk working model

In the physics are a lot of topics we discuss in this subjects such as motion, energy, force, etc.

where you can choose the topics which are interest you to make the model such as Electricity, Running the DC motor, Magnet topics and so on,

Geography models for school science exhibition

rain forest model

Geography is all about studying the physical characteristics of the world such as landforms, earth, sun, planets, soil and so on. Geography models are to represent in the form of prototypes to understand or explain the geography in a very easy way.

Some of the best examples of geography models are as follows

  • Valcono Model
  • Earthquake model
  • River Models
  • Rainforest models
  • Mountain models

Chemistry models for school science exhibition

In chemistry models, students get the hands-on experience in constructing the organic and inorganic structures made out of various chemicals, molecules and so on.

Examples of chemical models are as below

  • DNA Model
  • Atomic models
  • Molecular models

Biology models for school exhibitions


In the biology models students to learn about botany and zoology models.

In the Zoology models, students would learn how to make the animal models, animal skeletons, heart, kidney models and so on.

Under Botany models category students learn how to do hands-on the cellular and molecular models such as plant cells, grow the plants, flowers, fertilization, etc.

Below is the list of school science project models grade wise :

1st Grade Science Projects

2nd Grade Science Projects

3rd Grade Science Projects

4th Grade Science Projects

5th Grade Science Projects

6th Grade Science Projects

7th Grade Science Projects

8th Grade Science Projects

9th Grade Science Projects

10th Grade Science Projects

11th Grade Science Projects

12th Grade Science Projects