how to make school building model making using cardboard and color paper

In this blog I am writing on how to make school building model using cardboard and color paper – diy at home simple and easy

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Creating a school building model with a circular base and a compound wall using cardboard and color paper is a fun and educational project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you construct this model:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cardboard: For the base, building, and compound wall.
  2. Color Paper: For decorating the building and compound wall.
  3. Glue or Hot Glue Gun: For assembling the parts.
  4. Scissors and Craft Knife: For cutting the cardboard and paper.
  5. Markers, Paint, or Colored Pencils: For adding details.
  6. Ruler and Pencil: For measuring and marking.
  7. Additional Decorations: Small trees, benches, or figures for added realism (optional).

Step by Step Instruction Video on school building model making

1. Prepare the Circular Base:

  • Cut a large circular piece from the cardboard. This will be the base of your model.
  • Optionally, cover the base with green color paper to represent grass.

2. Construct the School Building:

  • Cut rectangular pieces of cardboard to form the walls of the school building.
  • Arrange the pieces in a suitable layout (e.g., a square or rectangular shape) and glue them together.
  • Cut additional pieces for the roof and attach them to the top of the building.
  • Use color paper to cover the walls and roof, creating a realistic appearance.
  • Add details like windows, doors, and a school name sign using markers or colored paper.

3. Build the Compound Wall:

  • Cut strips of cardboard to create the compound wall. Ensure the strips are tall enough to represent a realistic wall.
  • Glue the strips around the edge of the circular base, leaving a small gap for the entrance gate.
  • Cover the wall with color paper to decorate it. Use a different color for the gate if desired.

4. Create Additional Details:

  • Cut small shapes from cardboard or color paper to represent trees, benches, or playground equipment.
  • Place these decorations inside the compound wall to enhance the model’s realism.

5. Assemble the Model:

  • Place the school building in the center of the circular base.
  • Arrange the compound wall around the building.
  • Add the entrance gate to the compound wall, making sure it is securely attached.

6. Add Final Touches:

  • Use markers, paint, or colored pencils to add final details like pathways, grass, or any additional features.
  • Label different parts of the model, such as the building, entrance, and playground area.

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