Insect Forest Model Project for school exhibition


Insects are small animals with legs and most of them have antenna along with wings.

Insect Forest Model

They are most diverse and important for the environment and the animal habitat. Insects play a crucial role in the forests as pollinators, decomposers and food sources for other organisms.

These are called as forest insects that either help the trees or cause damage to the trees. The insects that cause damage are categorized as, defoliating insects, sucking insects, cone and seed insects and bore insects.

Research has always mentioned that the trees and insects co-evolve.

Harmful environments or any human made hazards causes change in the forest conditions, that affect the insects.

But the insects compensate this loss by reproducing heavily by themselves or allows them to invade into different areas where they haven’t survived or adapted earlier.

In this video, we have shown a insect forest craft model for school project using very simple materials that are easily available.

Materials Used:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Liquid glue
  3. Brown sheet -2
  4. Small rectangles of card board
  5. Paints and brushes
  6. Sketch pen
  7. Green colour wool
  8. Blue pattern paper
  9. Toy insects

You use the resource/tools page section to find the tips where you can buy these materials used at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Video Show How To Make Insect Forest Model Project for school exhibition

Questions and Answers:

  1. How are insects used in medicines?

A. During the traditional and modern times, insects have been used in the making of herbal medicines. A best example of this is honey, that is extracted from the honey hives. It is used directly or indirectly which is considered to be extremely good for health.

2. What are the categories of insects in forest?

A. The categories of insects in the forest are, defoliating, sucking, cone and seed, bore insects. Defoliating insects feed on leaves and plants. Sucking insects suck sugars from the sap of the plants. Cone insects feed on the stems and bore insects bore into the tree for reproduction.

3. How do insects and trees co-evolve?

A. Most of the plants and trees are pollinated by insects. This is the common way they co-evolve. Through pollination, the insects reproduce their species or they take the pollen to other plants for pollination and helps in flowers bloom.

4. How does climate change affect forest insects?

A. Climate changes effects the life of insects and the environment in which they in habitat. When the temperatures are high, it helps the development of the insects.


Insects contribute to 80 percent of the animal species. They are considered to be very beneficial for life of plants and humans to co-exist. Forest insects are one of the sources of the bio diversity as they act as food for other animals. Thus, insect population is an important part of the ecosystem.

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