how to make innovative rain water harvesting working model useful in agriculture

In this post we write about making of innovative rain water harvesting working model useful in agriculture | inspire award winning science project

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Creating a rainwater harvesting working model using a plastic tray to collect rainwater, another tray for storage, a DC water pump, and a 9V battery is a practical and educational project.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build this model:

Materials Needed

  • Plastic trays (at least two)
  • DC water pump
  • 9V battery
  • Flexible plastic tubing (to connect pump and trays)
  • Small stones or gravel (for filtration)
  • Mesh or cloth (for filtration)
  • Hose connector (if needed for tubing)
  • Hot glue gun or waterproof adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Decorative materials (optional, for aesthetics)

Step by Step Video Guide on Making innovative rain water harvesting working model

1. Prepare the Collection Tray

  1. Collection Tray Setup:
    • Choose a large, shallow plastic tray to collect rainwater. Ensure it has enough surface area to capture sufficient rainfall.
    • Drill or poke small holes near the edges of the tray to connect the flexible tubing.
  2. Filtration System:
    • Place a layer of mesh or cloth over the holes to prevent debris from entering the tray.
    • Add a layer of small stones or gravel on top of the mesh for additional filtration.

2. Setup Water Storage and Pump

  1. Water Storage Tray:
    • Place another plastic tray adjacent to the collection tray to store the harvested rainwater.
    • Connect the storage tray to the collection tray using flexible plastic tubing.
    • Ensure the tubing reaches from the collection tray to the bottom of the storage tray to allow water to flow down under gravity.
  2. DC Water Pump Installation:
    • Mount the DC water pump inside the storage tray using a hot glue gun or waterproof adhesive.
    • Connect one end of the flexible tubing to the outlet of the water pump.
    • Ensure the tubing is securely attached to prevent leaks.

3. Connect Battery and Test

  1. Battery Setup:
    • Connect the wires from the DC water pump to the 9V battery.
    • Use wire cutters/strippers to expose the ends of the wires and secure them with tape or connectors.
  2. Testing the System:
    • Place the entire setup outdoors or simulate rainfall using a watering can to fill the collection tray with water.
    • Turn on the 9V battery to activate the water pump.
    • Observe how the pump moves water from the storage tray through the tubing to simulate irrigation of an agriculture field or garden.

By following these steps, you’ll create a functional rainwater harvesting working model using plastic trays, a DC water pump, and a 9V battery.

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