how to make working model of a nutrients chart


To create a working model of a nutrients chart using cardboard by making an 8-sided polygon (octagon) to demonstrate 8 essential nutrients and their functions.

Materials Needed

  1. Large cardboard sheet
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors or craft knife
  5. Markers or pens
  6. Colored paper (optional)
  7. Glue or tape
  8. Compass (for drawing circles)
  9. Protractor (for accurate angle measurement)
  10. Labels for each nutrient

Step by Step Video Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the Octagon Base

Step 2: Label the Nutrients

  1. Select the Nutrients:
    • Choose 8 essential nutrients to include in your chart. Here are some suggestions:
      • Carbohydrates
      • Proteins
      • Fats
      • Vitamins
      • Minerals
      • Fiber
      • Water
      • Electrolytes
  2. Create Labels:
    • Cut out 8 small rectangles from colored paper or cardboard.
    • Write the name of each nutrient and its function on a separate label. Here are some examples:
    • Carbohydrates:
      • Function: Provide energy
    • Proteins:
      • Function: Build and repair tissues
    • Fats:
      • Function: Energy storage and insulation
    • Vitamins:
      • Function: Support various bodily functions
    • Minerals:
      • Function: Bone health, fluid balance
    • Fiber:
      • Function: Aids in digestion
    • Water:
      • Function: Hydration and bodily functions
    • Electrolytes:
      • Function: Regulate nerve and muscle function

Step 3: Attach the Labels to the Octagon

  1. Position the Labels:
    • Place one label at each corner of the octagon.
    • Ensure that each label is evenly spaced and aligned with the corresponding segment.
  2. Attach the Labels:
    • Use glue or tape to securely attach each label to the octagon.

Step 4: Adding Visual Appeal

  1. Decorate the Model:
    • Use markers, stickers, or colored paper to decorate the octagon.
    • You can add images or symbols related to each nutrient for better visualization.
  2. Reinforce the Model:
    • If needed, reinforce the edges of the octagon with tape to ensure durability.

Step 5: Create the Centerpiece

  1. Add a Title:
    • Cut out a small circle or another shape from cardboard.
    • Write a title such as “Essential Nutrients and Their Functions” on this piece.
    • Attach the title to the center of the octagon using glue or tape.


This working model of a nutrients chart using an 8-sided polygon provides an engaging and educational tool to demonstrate the essential nutrients and their functions.

By constructing this model, students can visually and interactively learn about the importance of each nutrient in maintaining a healthy diet and body.

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