how to make mini dustbin working model

Creating a working model of a leg press dustbin using simple materials like ice cream sticks, cardboard, chopsticks, and color paper can be an engaging project.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build this model:

Materials Needed:

  1. Ice Cream Sticks (for the framework)
  2. Cardboard (for the base and dustbin)
  3. Chopstick (for the pressing mechanism)
  4. Color Paper (for decoration)
  5. Glue or Hot Glue Gun (for assembly)
  6. Scissors and Cutter (for cutting cardboard and color paper)
  7. Rubber Bands (for the hinge mechanism)
  8. Paint or Markers (for decoration)

Video Steps to Build the Mini Dustbin Working Model:

  1. Create the Dustbin:
    • Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard to make the body of the dustbin. Fold and glue the sides to form a box.
    • Cut another piece of cardboard for the lid of the dustbin, making sure it’s slightly larger than the opening of the box.
  2. Build the Base and Framework:
    • Cut a piece of cardboard to form the base on which the dustbin will stand.
    • Use ice cream sticks to create a sturdy frame around the dustbin. Glue the sticks vertically at the corners of the base and horizontally to connect the vertical sticks.
  3. Create the Lid Mechanism:
    • Attach the chopstick horizontally to the back of the lid using glue. This will act as the hinge for the lid.
    • Secure the chopstick to the back upper edge of the dustbin using rubber bands or a small piece of cardboard rolled around it to allow it to rotate.
  4. Add the Leg Press Mechanism:
    • Create a lever mechanism using ice cream sticks. Glue two ice cream sticks together end-to-end to form a longer stick. Repeat this to create two such long sticks.
    • Attach one end of each long stick to the bottom of the front side of the dustbin using a piece of cardboard as a hinge.
    • The other end of these sticks will be where you press with your foot.
  5. Connect the Lever to the Lid:
    • Attach a short piece of chopstick horizontally to the bottom center of the dustbin lid.
    • Connect this short chopstick to the long sticks of the lever mechanism using rubber bands or a piece of string. This way, pressing the lever with your foot will lift the lid.
  6. Test and Adjust:
    • Test the mechanism by pressing the lever with your foot. The lid should lift up.
    • Adjust the tension of the rubber bands or string if needed to ensure smooth operation.
  7. Decorate the Model:
    • Use color paper to decorate the dustbin, base, and lever. You can paint the ice cream sticks and cardboard to make the model more appealing.
    • Add labels or drawings to illustrate the working mechanism of the dustbin.


  • Press the lever with your foot to lift the lid of the dustbin.
  • Release the lever to close the lid.

This model will help illustrate how a foot-operated dustbin works, providing both a practical and educational experience.

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