How to make dc motor Water Pump from Waste Material – DIY


In this topic, we are going to show you how to build the DC motor water pump model at home for your science project or exhibitions.

diy dc water pump

This homemade science experiment is done using materials like cardboard, papers, and hot glue gun which is easily available at home at low cost.

Overview of the water pump

Water pumps come handy in many household applications. It is mainly used to transfer a large amount of water from one place to another.

It can be easily used for a number of residential, commercial, construction and agricultural settings.

They can be used for draining water from a basement or a shallow flooded area, draining or refilling your swimming pool, pond or simply a bathtub, disseminating fertilizers or pesticides.

Types of water pump

There are two major types of water pumps namely:

  • Electric-powered water pumps
  • Gas-powered water pumps

How to make a DC motor water pump at home step by step video?

In this video, we will show steps by step video instructions on how to build a DC motor water pump model at home easy way.

Take a DC motor and attach a small piece of straw to it by making a central hole to the straw stick.

Using a knife make a central hole to the red color cap. Take the blue cap and make a small hole sideways with the help of a knife and insert a small piece of ball pen refill to it.

Insert the smaller red cap into the larger blue cap and then insert medium size straw through the central hole of the red cap with the help of glue gun.

Attach the larger blue cap having ball pen refill to the DC motor by passing the shaft of it through the central hole of the cap and stick using hot glue.

Next, inside the blue cap attach a small piece of straw to the shaft of DC motor with the help of hot glue. Attach the small red cap to large blue cap using hot glue.

Finally, attach the full prepared DC motor to the water bottle filled with water. Now connect the DC motor copper wires to the 9 V batteries.

You will observe that water will start to flow through the small ball pen refill attached to the large blue cap.

Materials Used to make DC water pump

Materials used in this video are shown below to build a DC motor water pump model at home by taking the help of your parents.

  • bottle cap with a central hole
  • Red bottle cap
  • DC motor
  • Pen front piece
  • Battery
  • Straw piece
  • Pen refill piece
  • Knife
  • A bottle filled with water
  • Plate
  • 9 V battery

Questions & Answers on DIY Water Pump using DC Motor

1. What is the DC pump?

It mainly uses direct current from battery, motor or solar power to move fluid in different ways.

2. What type of motor is used in water pumps?

The water pump uses a squirrel cage induction motor.

3. On which principle does water pump work?

Principle of water pressure booster pump is the conversion of energy into mechanical energy and that is used for providing required pressure for pumping the water.


DC motor pump model helps students to learn that they facilitate a great variety of household, industrial and agricultural tasks and as well as how to make it with easily available materials at home.

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